01. What Will I Find On The Christian Gays Website?

The Christian Gays Website is still very much under construction and will forever be a work in progress.  Our numbers are small, but this is a re-build of our old site that grew to over 10,000 members, so I hope you will subscribe, have patience while we grow, and help us build this new community.

Our purpose is two-fold.  First, we want to provide information to help educate people that there is no conflict with Scripture for a person to be gay and Christian.  Just as Scripture was misunderstood to promote slavery, so now we have a better understanding about the "clobber verses" used against us, and we want to share the answers we have found.  Look on the Information page for supportive articles, teaching videos, downloadable ebooks, and more.

Second, we want to connect people, whether it be for group support, friendship or more.  To accomplish that goal we have several methods.

Group Connections can be made via List Serve, Chat Rooms and Forums.

Individual Connections can be made via the Dating Service and Friend Finder.

By default, to help get you started, you will automatically be subscribed to the List Serve and a few Forums.  You can unsubscribe to either at any time by going to My Stuff -> Unsubscribe.

We pray that you might find what you seek.