List Serve

List ServeA List Serve is a group of people who email with each other. 

When one person writes an email, it goes to all members of the List Serve.  Others may just read, or they may respond.  Conversations may develop among several members, or not.

We discuss everything from what's happening in the news or in our communities to sending jokes or asking for prayer support.  We often share pictures of our pets and our loved ones. 

Many of us have become very good friends over the years by being active on the List Serve.  We would love for you to join us in this fellowship, but to do that, you must participate.  If you never send an email, then we won't have the opportunity of getting to know you.

All topics are open for discussion.  Disagreement is just fine and can sometimes stimulate us into thinking differently about a topic, but disrespect of the person who posted is not acceptable.  In other words, you may disagree with what a person says, but you must never tell the person that they don't have a right to say it, or that they are wrong.  When you don't agree with a statement that has been made, please tell us what your views are, and your reasons.  We encourage you to share your perspective on the situation so that we might see more than one side.  In other words, disagree without being disagreeable.  Expand OUR education with YOUR ideas.

This List Serve is for Members of Christian Gays only.  It is a closed group so that you might feel the security that conversations are kept confidential within the group members.

To be really involved I suggest that you get "Individual Emails".  This means that you get the email as soon as someone posts it.

However, if you just want to observe what's going on, and you already get too much mail, choose "Daily Digest" where all the emails from the day come in one summary email.  If you choose Daily Digest you may not be able to view pictures.

And of course the option to Unsubscribe is always available.  At the bottom of every email there is a link for "Instant Unsubscribe".  If you click on that link, you are unsubscribed immediately.  There is nothing else to do.  You will stop receiving any further emails from the List Serve.

Members Only:  To subscribe, unsubscribe or change your options for the Friends List Serve, you must login and then click here.

I hope you'll take the time to introduce yourself so that we can welcome you into the family.