Mission Statement

Christian Gays was created to provide the resources for any who wish to understand the ACCURATE interpretation of the Original Scriptures with regard to homosexuality. 

It is our belief that God loves us all just as we were created, including our orientation when we are devoted to Jesus Christ and we live our lives according to Christ's standards. 

We find no condemnation of our orientation in the Original Scriptures, and therefore believe that our monogamous, loving relationships are blessed of God. 

We encourage connection with other gay Christians through our List Serve, Forums, Chat Rooms, and Friend Finder/Dating Service. 

We have no agenda to change anyone's mind about their own personal views, and while we encourage debate, we will not permit the challenging of who is right or who is wrong.  Debates will be restricted to what each individual believes, and we will respect that they are entitled to believe as they choose.  Personal criticism is not permitted.

This website merely provides the resources for those who wish to investigate a different perspective than the traditional.