Get Involved - We Need YOU!

Donate prayer, time, money

We often have people ask how they can help support us.  Thank you!  There are so many ways. May I suggest a few.

1.  We need your Prayers

a)  Please pray for those who need to find us, that they will, and that they will find the answers or the fellowship that they seek.

b)  Please pray for the growth of the website with many members, so that our people might have a greater chance of making good connections for fellowship or more.

c)  Please pray for paying members to help us keep up with our ongoing expenses.


2.  We need you to help Spread the Word about Christian Gays to all your GLBTIQ and supportive straight friends and family would be so appreciated.

a)  Phone or email your local alternative/gay newspapers to see if they'll make mention of us.
A simple description would be:

Christian Gays - An online community of LGBTIQ people of faith - Group Email, Chat Rooms, Forums, Dating Service & Friend Finder, Shopping, Education, Emotional and Prayer Support, and more.

b)  If you're on any other List Serves or in Chat Rooms, please let people know about us.

c)  If you have a Facebook or Google+ or Twitter page, please share and "Like" us.

d)  Ask other websites to link to us.


3.  We need people to be greeters in the Chat Rooms, any time of the day, any day of the week.  It can be lonely waiting for others to arrive, so we appreciate this very valued gift of your time in the chat rooms.

We need you there just to say "hi" when someone drops by.  You can be in the chat room, open a new window on your browser and continue to surf the internet while you wait.  A little noise will announce when someone comes in the room.  Just say "hi".  That's all there is to it, but it will mean so much to the other person just to know that someone is there to hear them.


4.  Get involved on our List Serve email group.  Post about yourself, let us know whats going on in your life, ask for prayer support, share a devotional or a joke, tell us about a good movie or book.  In other words, share yourself with us so that we become "community".


5.  Subscribe and then Post to the Forums.  There are forums for all kinds of things like Book Reviews, Hot Topics, Husbands Out To Wives, Being LGBTIQ - Your Experience, etc.


6.  If you like to write articles regularly, ask Mary to set you up with your own Blog.


7.  There are always ongoing expenses to run the website. Our server costs $112/mo and we have ongoing expenses of our software and coders.  Any financial Donation to help out with these costs would be most gratefully received. A financial Donation, may be sent through PayPal using the button below.

We are also most grateful for cheques or money orders in any currency sent to our postal address (below).


What is PayPal?

PayPal is a service that is free for you (I pay the fees on my end) if you wish to send money electronically from your bank account or your credit card. Your information is kept safe and secure. Christian Gays NEVER has access to your financial information.

Click Here to learn more about PayPal, or go directly through the PayPal process by clicking the button below.

IMPORTANT:  Please let me know in the Comments box on PayPal or via email.  Feel free to be anonymous, first name only, nickname, name of your ministry or website, etc.  I'd love to make it a link to help advertise you if you have a favourite website. Until I hear from you, you will be listed as "Anonymous".

Christian Gays operates under the business name of MAP Enterprises so that there is nothing "gay" on invoices.

Please click the button to make a one time donation of any amount OR a monthly subscription of any amount.

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Or you may send a cheque or money order directly to:

Mary Pearson
1225 Northgate Cres
Oshawa, ON
L1G 7C4

Thank you so very much!
God bless,
Mary Pearson

Please browse those who have already so generously donated, and click on the ones that have links to help support them.


Jan 10, 2023W Thomas MinklerUS$112 US
Aug 20, 2021AnonymousUS$10 US
July 20, 2021AnonymousUS$10 US
June 20, 2021AnonymousUS$10 US
May 20, 2021AnonymousUS$10 US
April 20, 2021AnonymousUS$10 US
March 20, 2021AnonymousUS$10 US
March 14, 2021AnonymousUS$100 US
February 20, 2021AnonymousUS$10 US
February 14, 2021AnonymousUS$100 US
January 22, 2021W Thomas MinklerUS$20 US
January 20, 2021AnonymousUS$10 US
January 14, 2021AnonymousUS$100 US
December 20, 2020AnonymousUS$10 US
December 14, 2020AnonymousUS$100 US
November 22, 2020Ted BarnettCanada$60 CAD
November 20, 2020AnonymousUS$10 US
November 5, 2020AnonymousUS$100 US
October 20, 2020AnonymousUK$10 US
October 5, 2020AnonymousUS$100 US
September 20, 2020AnonymousUK$10 US
September 5, 2020AnonymousUS$100 US
August 20, 2020AnonymousUK$10 US
August 5, 2020AnonymousUS$100 US
July 5, 2020AnonymousUS$100 US
June 5, 2020AnonymousUS$100 US
May 28, 2020W Thomas MinklerUS$30 US
May 5, 2020AnonymousUS$100 US
April 28, 2020Danny ReynoldsUS$15 US
April 5, 2020AnonymousUS$100 US
March 28, 2020Danny ReynoldsUS$15 US
March 5, 2020AnonymousUS$100 US
March 1, 2020Daniel ColemanUS$36 US
February 28, 2020Danny ReynoldsUS$15 US
February 5, 2020AnonymousUS$100 US
January 5, 2020AnonymousUS$100 US
December 5, 2019AnonymousUS$100 US
November 5, 2019AnonymousUS$100 US
October 5, 2019AnonymousUS$100 US
September 5, 2019AnonymousUS$100 US
August 5, 2019AnonymousUS$100 US
July 5, 2019AnonymousUS$100 US
June 5, 2019AnonymousUS$100 US
May 5, 2019AnonymousUS$100 US
April 5, 2019AnonymousUS$100 US
March 5, 2019AnonymousUS$100 US
February 7, 2019AnonymousCanada$300 CAD
February 5, 2019AnonymousUS $100 US
January 5, 2019AnonymousUS$100 US
December 5, 2018AnonymousUS$100 US
November 5, 2018AnonymousUS$100 US
October 5, 2018AnonymousUS$100 US
September 5, 2018AnonymousUS$100 US
August 9, 2018Tom MinklerUS$20 US
August 5, 2018AnonymousUS$100 US
July 5, 2018AnonymousUS$100 US
June 9, 2018Tom MinklerUS$20 US
June 5, 2018AnonymousUS$100 US
May 5, 2018AnonymousUS$100 US
April 11, 2018Tom MinklerUS$20 US
April 5, 2018AnonymousUS$100 US
March 5, 2018AnonymousUS$100 US
February 5, 2018AnonymousUS$100 US
January 5, 2018AnonymousUS$100 US
December 5, 2017AnonymousUS$100 US
November 5, 2017AnonymousUS$100 US
October 5, 2017AnonymousUS$100 US
September 5, 2017AnonymousUS$100 US
August 22, 2017Ron MartellaUS$25 US
August 8, 2017Tom MinklerUS$20 US
August 5, 2017AnonymousUS$100 US
July 5, 2017AnonymousUS$100 US
June 6, 2017Tom MinklerUS$20 US
June 5, 2017AnonymousUS$100 US
May 5, 2017AnonymousUS$100 US
April 5, 2017AnonymousUS$100 US
March 23, 2017AnonymousCAD$72 CAD
March 5, 2017AnonymousUS$100 US
Feb 5, 2017AnonymousUS$100 US
Jan 30, 2017AnonymousUS$20 US
Jan 5, 2017AnonymousUS$100 US
Dec 31, 2016Rev Steve Cook on behalf of
Old Catholic Diocese Maria Madre de Dios
US$100 US
Dec 5, 2016AnonymousUS$100 US
Nov 5, 2016AnonymousUS$100 US
Nov 3, 2016AnonymousUS$100 US
Oct 5, 2016AnonymousUS$100 US
Sept 21, 2016AnonymousUS$20 US
April 11, 2016AnonymousUS$100 US
Mar 11, 2016AnonymousUS$30 US
Feb 26, 2016AnonymousUS$30 US
Feb 14, 2016AnonymousUS$30 US
Jan 31, 2016AnonymousUS$30 US
Jan 25, 2016AnonymousUS$35 US
Jan 15, 2016AnonymousUS$30 US
Dec 31, 2015AnonymousUS$30 US
Dec 18, 2015AnonymousUS$50 US
Dec 6, 2015AnonymousUS$30 US
Dec 5, 2015Sylvine SmithUS$80 US/mo for 10 months
Nov 20, 2015AnonymousUS$30 US
Nov 11, 2015AnonymousUS$10 US
Nov 8, 2015AnonymousUS$30 US
Nov 1, 2015AnonymousUS$10 US
Oct 25, 2015AnonymousUS$30 US
Oct 9, 2015AnonymousUS$30 US
Sept 11, 2015AnonymousUS$30 US
Sept 2, 2015AnonymousCanada$20 CAD
Aug 28, 2015AnonymousUS$30 US
Aug 15, 2015AnonymousUS$30 US
July 31, 2015AnonymousUS$30 US
July 17, 2015AnonymousUS$30 US
July 4, 2015AnonymousUS$30 US
June 22, 2015AnonymousUS$30 US
June 15, 2015Bridget & Cole Night - See Bridget's book Prayers For JonathanUS$50 US
June 6, 2015Sylvine SmithUS$100 US
June 6, 2015AnonymousUS$30 US
June 5, 2015AnonymousCanada$50 CAD
May 22, 2015AnonymousUS$30 US
May 9, 2015AnonymousUS$30 US
Apr 23, 2015AnonymousUS$30 US
Apr 14, 2015AnonymousUS$30 US
Mar 29, 2015AnonymousUS$30 US
Mar 14, 2015AnonymousUS$30 US
Feb 14, 2015AnonymousUS$30 US
Jan 31, 2015AnonymousUS$30 US
Jan 2, 2015AnonymousUS$30 US
Dec 27, 2014Terry Johnson & Fred KaltUS$200 US
Dec 19, 2014AnonymousUS$30 US
Nov 28, 2014AnonymousUS$100 US
Nov 21, 2014AnonymousUS$60 US
Nov 7, 2014AnonymousUS$30 US
Nov 5, 2014Sylvine SmithUS$80 US/mo for 12 months
Oct 25, 2014Men's Hair ForumUS$60 US
Oct 24, 2014AnonymousUS$30 US
Oct 10, 2014AnonymousUS$30 US
Oct 8, 2014Sylvine SmithUS$60 US
Sept 28, 2014Sylvine SmithUS$50 US
Sept 27, 2014AnonymousUS$30 US
Sept 17, 2014AnonymousCanada$100 CAD
Sept 13, 2014AnonymousUS$30 US
Sept 9, 2014Sylvine SmithUS$60 US
Aug 31, 2014AnonymousUS$30 US
Aug 25, 2014Men's Hair ForumUS$20 US
Aug 15, 2014AnonymousUS$30 US
Aug 9, 2014Sylvine SmithUS$60 US
Aug 3, 2014AnonymousUS$30 US
July 14, 2014Sylvine SmithUS$60 US
July 3, 2014AnonymousUS$30 US
Jun 20, 2014AnonymousUS$30 US
June 7, 2014Bridget & Cole Night - See Bridget's book Prayers For JonathanUS$10 US
June 7, 2014Sylvine SmithUS$20 US
June 6, 2014Dr. DJ McCreadyCanada$10 US
June 5, 2014AnonymousUS$30 US
May 30, 2014AnonymousUS$10 US
May 24, 2014AnonymousUS$30 US
May 9, 2014AnonymousUS$30 US
May 3, 2014Sylvine SmithUS$20 US
Apr 26, 2014AnonymousUS$30 US
Apr 11, 2014AnonymousUS$30 US
Mar 29, 2014AnonymousUS$30 US
Mar 14, 2014AnonymousUS$30 US
Mar 5, 2014Sylvine SmithUS$60 US/mo for 9 months
Feb 28, 2014AnonymousUS$30 US
Feb 26, 2014CalypsoUS$20 US
Feb 22, 2014Bridget & Cole Night - See Bridget's book Prayers For JonathanUS$15 US
Feb 14, 2014AnonymousUS$30 US
Feb 10, 2014MargueriteUS$70 US
Feb 10, 2014Bridget & Cole Night - See Bridget's book Prayers For JonathanUS$25 US
Feb 9, 2014Stephanie NammUS$20 US
Feb 1, 2014AnonymousUS$30 US
Jan 18, 2014AnonymousUS$30 US
Jan 15, 2014Tom Brown on behalf of New Church Family, Daytona, FLUS$20 US
Jan 3, 2014AnonymousUS$30 US
Dec 20, 2013AnonymousUS$30 US
Dec 6, 2013AnonymousUS$30 US
Dec 1, 2013Sylvine SmithUS$200 US
Dec 1, 2013JMBUK$50 US/mo for 3 months
Nov 22, 2013AnonymousUS$30 US
Nov 16, 2013Sylvine SmithUS$20 US
Nov 9, 2013AnonymousUS$30 US
Nov 8, 2013JMBUK$40 US
Nov 5, 2013Sylvine SmithUS$50 US/mo for 2 months
Oct 25, 2013AnonymousUS$30 US
Oct 19, 2013Sylvine SmithUS$30 US
Oct 11, 2013AnonymousUS$30 US
Oct 1, 2013Rev Frank MinistriesCanada$30/mo US for 12 mo
Sept 28, 2013Rev Frank MinistriesCanada$100 US
Sept 27, 2013AnonymousUS$30 US
Sept 23, 2013AnonymousUS$30 US
Aug 31, 2013AnonymousUS$30 US
17-Aug-13AnonymousUS$30 US
03-Aug-13AnonymousUS$30 US
19-Jul-13AnonymousUS$30 US
29-Jun-13AnonymousUS$30 US
22-Jun-13AnonymousUK$30 US
15-Jun-13AnonymousUS$30 US
31-May-13AnonymousUS$30 US
18-May-13AnonymousUS$30 US
04-May-13AnonymousUS$40 US
19-Apr-13AnonymousUS$30 US
05-Apr-13AnonymousUS$30 US
23-Mar-13AnonymousUS$30 US
09-Mar-13AnonymousUS$30 US
22-Feb-13AnonymousUS$40 US
18-Feb-13AnonymousUS$50 US
09-Feb-13AnonymousUK$20 US
09-Feb-13AnonymousUS$40 US
26-Jan-13AnonymousUS$40 US
12-Jan-13AnonymousUS$60 US
21-Dec-12AnonymousUS$50 US
18-Dec-12Rev Frank MinistriesCanada$100 US
07-Dec-12AnonymousUS$40 US
09-Nov-12AnonymousUS$30 US
12-Oct-12AnonymousUS$40 US
28-Sep-12AnonymousUS$20 US
14-Sep-12AnonymousUS$20 US
31-Aug-12AnonymousUS$30 US
17-Aug-12AnonymousUS$30 US
07-Aug-12ArkieUS$25 US
03-Aug-12AnonymousUS$30 US
30-Jul-12AnonymousUK$55 US
29-Jul-12Joe Gavin on behalf of The Trevor Project

US$50 US
28-Jul-12Kathy WadeUS$25 US
28-Jul-12Bridget & Cole Night - See Bridget's book Prayers For JonathanUS$100 US
28-Jul-12Ronald DixonUS$100 US
28-Jul-12Random Christian MomUS$10 US
25-Jul-12AnonymousUS$50 US
25-Jul-12MichaelUS$50 US
22-Jul-12AnonymousUS$30 US
22-Jul-12Tom Brown on behalf of New Church Family, Daytona, FLUS$20 US
21-Jul-12J. CampbellCanada$50 US
21-Jul-12Valerie MachinUS$55 US
20-Jul-12AnonymousUS$50 US
20-Jul-12AnonymousUS$20 US
19-Jul-12Micah AshtonCanada$50 US
18-Jul-12Marilyn BurkeUS$20 US
18-Jul-12Darren Yehuda TheoretCanada$50 US
06-Jul-12AnonymousUS$30 US
22-Jun-12AnonymousUS$30 US
21-Jun-12CherylCanada$100 US
08-Jun-12AnonymousUS$30 US
25-May-12AnonymousUS$30 US
19-May-12AnonymousUS$5 US
11-May-12AnonymousUS$30 US
27-Apr-12AnonymousUS$30 US
08-Apr-12AnonymousUS$30 US
27-Mar-12AnonymousUS$30 US
10-Mar-12AnonymousUS$30 US
24-Feb-12AnonymousUS$30 US
20-Feb-12Refresh The Saints MinistriesUS$100 US
12-Feb-12AnonymousUS$3 US/mo for 12 months
10-Feb-12AnonymousUS$30 US
02-Feb-12Sherry GordonUS$20 US/mo for 12 months
01-Feb-12cleanuptheyardUS$10 US
30-Jan-12AnonymousUS$30 US
14-Jan-12AnonymousUS$30 US
16-Dec-11Rev Frank MinistriesCanada$100 US
22-Oct-11AnonymousUS$30 US
21-Oct-11GodAustralia$57 AUD
11-Oct-11AnonymousUS$36 US
11-Oct-11AnonymousUS$20 US
04-Oct-11Rev Frank MinistriesCanada$100 US
24-Sep-11AnonymousUS$50 US
16-Sep-11Elizabeth CookUS$30 US
09-Sep-11Elizabeth CookUS$40 US
02-Sep-11AnonymousUS$20 US
28-Aug-11Samantha aka "Pink Triangle"US$20 US/mo for 12 months
19-Aug-11AnonymousUS$36 US
10-Aug-11AnonymousUS$20 US
10-Aug-11Jacques SaelmanCanada$100 CAD
07-Aug-11AnonymousUS$40 US
05-Aug-11AnonymousCanada$70 CAD
28-Jul-11GodAustralia$90 US
26-Jul-11Rev Charles Grande "FilmProjects"

US$25 US
25-Jul-11Bridget & Cole Night - See Bridget's book Prayers For JonathanUS$25 US
24-Jul-11AnonymousUS$32 US
24-Jul-11Russ JohnsonUS$20 US/mo for 12 months
22-Jul-11Wilma ("Wil")US$25 US
21-Jul-11KathyUS$25 US
21-Jul-11AnonymousUS$30 US
20-Jul-11Samantha aka "Pink Triangle"US$20 US/mo for 6 months
19-Jul-11AnonymousUS$20 US
15-Jul-11Dr. Richard TebbanoUS$100 US
05-Jul-11Rev Frank MinistriesCanada$100 US
05-Jul-11AnonymousUS$20 US
26-Jun-11AnonymousUS$30 US
22-Jun-11Refresh The Saints MinistriesUS$100 US
13-Jun-11AnonymousCanada$20 US
10-Jun-11AnonymousUS$30 US
30-May-11AnonymousUS$200 US
27-May-11AnonymousUS$30 US
25-May-11Charles RedwinUS$200 US
22-May-11AnonymousUS$30 US
17-May-11AnonymousUS$20 US
13-May-11AnonymousUS$30 US
29-Apr-11AnonymousUS$30 US
15-Apr-11AnonymousUS$30 US
08-Apr-11Eric MorrisUS$25 US/mo for 24 months
02-Apr-11AnonymousUS$20 US
01-Apr-11AnonymousUS$10 US
01-Apr-11AnonymousUS$30 US
31-Mar-11Kyle BrooksCanada$5 US for 12 mo
18-Mar-11AnonymousUS$30 US
11-Mar-11AnonymousUS$20 US
04-Mar-11AnonymousUS$30 US
01-Mar-11Kyle BrooksCanada$90 US
23-Feb-11AnonymousUS$40 US
04-Feb-11AnonymousUS$30 US
21-Jan-11AnonymousUS$30 US
13-Jan-11AnonymousCanada$50 CAD
07-Jan-11AnonymousUS$30 US
28-Dec-10AnonymousUS$30 US
23-Dec-10AnonymousUS$30 US
10-Dec-10AnonymousUS$30 US
09-Dec-10AnonymousCanada$10 US
03-Dec-10Floyd MorellUS$30 US
30-Nov-10Open Door Community Fellowship, Louisville, KYUS$100 US
24-Nov-10AnonymousUS$30 US
18-Nov-10Charles RedwinUS$25 US
11-Nov-10AnonymousUS$30 US
02-Nov-10Scott McKernanAustralia$10 US
01-Nov-10Charles RedwinUS$25 US
29-Oct-10AnonymousUS$30 US
23-Oct-10Charles RedwinUS$25 US
15-Oct-10AnonymousUS$30 US
01-Oct-10AnonymousUS$30 US
27-Sep-10Jacques SaelmanCanada$50 CAD
22-Sep-10Charles RedwinUS$25 US
17-Sep-10AnonymousUS$30 US
04-Sep-10AnonymousUS$50 US
03-Sep-10AnonymousUS$30 US
21-Aug-10AnonymousUS$30 US
19-Aug-10Charles RedwinUS$25 US
06-Aug-10AnonymousUS$30 US
02-Aug-10AnonymousUS$10 US
02-Aug-10AnonymousUS$50 US
25-Jul-10Charles RedwinUS$25 US
23-Jul-10AnonymousUS$100 US
18-Jul-10Rev Allen Biles SrUS$12.50 US
15-Jul-10Rev Allen Biles SrUS$25 US
11-Jul-10Kathy WadeUS$20 US
09-Jul-10Rev John BrownUS$20 US
09-Jul-10AnonymousUS$30 US
02-Jul-10AnonymousUS$50 US
02-Jul-10AnonymousUS$10 US
25-Jun-10AnonymousUS$30 US
24-Jun-10MargueriteUS$120 US
23-Jun-10Rev Allen Biles SrUS$30 US
23-Jun-10AnonymousUS$10 US
23-Jun-10Fern GaffeyUS$25 US
22-Jun-10John & Stephen Taysun, together twenty-five years today! Congratulations and THANK YOU!US$250 US
22-Jun-10Open Door Community Fellowship, Louisville, KYUS$100 US
21-Jun-10Bruce DanskerUS$100 US
21-Jun-10AnonymousJapan$10 US/mo for 12 months
21-Jun-10Rev John BrownUS$20 US
21-Jun-10Pink TriangleUS$5 US
20-Jun-10AnonymousCanada$10 US/mo for 2 months
18-Jun-10Charles RedwinUS$25 US
15-Jun-10AnonymousUS$100 US
11-Jun-10AnonymousUS$30 US
05-Jun-10Rev John BrownUS$10 US
28-May-10AnonymousUS$30 US
22-May-10Charles RedwinUS$25 US
14-May-10AnonymousUS$30 US
04-May-10Rev John BrownUS$10 US
03-May-10Marion ShawIreland$30 CAD
03-May-10Jan EmersonUS$10 US/mo for 12 months
03-May-10AnonymousUS$10 US
28-Apr-10Jacques SaelmanCanada$50 CAD
19-Apr-10Scott McKernanUK$75 US
17-Apr-10AnonymousUS$30 US
16-Apr-10AnonymousUS$30 US
14-Apr-10Rev Charles RedwinUS$25 US/mo for 12 months
11-Apr-10AnonymousCanada$10 US/mo for 3 months
11-Apr-10AnonymousUS$10 US
04-Apr-10AnonymousUS$40 US
03-Apr-10AnonymousUS$20 US
19-Mar-10AnonymousUS$20 US
26-Mar-10Terri in AtlantaUS$20 US
06-Mar-10AnonymousUS$20 US
04-Mar-10Eric MorrisUS$25 US/mo for 12 months
19-Feb-10AnonymousUS$20 US
05-Feb-10AnonymousUS$20 US
20-Jan-10Eric MorrisUS$25 US
01-Jan-10Open Door Community Fellowship, Louisville, KYUS$100 US
25-Dec-09Rev Charles RedwinUS$25 US
24-Dec-09AnonymousCanada$100 US
14-Dec-09Eric MorrisUS$50 US
06-Nov-09AnonymousUS$100 US
05-Nov-09Eric MorrisUS$50 US
13-Oct-09Eric MorrisUS$35 CDN
09-Oct-09AnonymousUS$25 US
18-Sep-09Patti MeadvilleUS$10 US/mo for 12 months
17-Jul-09Russ JohnsonUS$100 US
11-Jul-09AnonymousUS$75 US
07-Jul-09MichaelUS$10 US
07-Jul-09AnonymousUS$200 US
03-Jul-09Kathleen WadeUS$50 US
03-Jul-09Marilyn BurkeUS$10 US
03-Jul-09AnonymousUS$100 US
01-Jul-09Open Door Community Fellowship, Louisville, KYUS$100 US
30-Jun-09MarianIreland$30 US
29-Jun-09JimmyUS$12 US
29-Jun-09Tom Brown on behalf of New Church Family, Daytona, FLUS$10 US
29-Jun-09Terri in AtlantaUS$10 US
29-Jun-09AnonymousUS$100 US
29-Jun-09TreyUS$20 US
28-Jun-09Fern Gaffey, MCC Clergy CandidateUS$50 US
28-Jun-09Valerie SchaefferUS$10 US
28-Jun-09Marilyn BurkeUS$5 US
27-Jun-09MargueriteUS$100 US
27-Jun-09AnonymousCanada$20 US
20-Jun-09AnonymousUS$5 US
19-Jun-09Jacques SaelmanCanada$50 CDN
08-Jun-09R JohnsonUS$10 US/mo for 12 months
19-May-09Rev Frank MinistriesCanada$100 US
17-Apr-09AnonymousUS$100 US
16-Mar-09Rev Allen Biles SrUS$25 US
08-Feb-09AnonymousUS$100 US
08-Feb-09TreyUS$25 US
28-Jan-09Rev Allen Biles SrUS$25 US
23-Jan-09Dr. Michael Lee ZwiersCanada$220 CAD
21-Jan-09Rev Allen Biles SrUS$20 US
05-Jan-09Fern GaffeyUS$25 US
04-Dec-08Michael TealeUS$10 US
26-Nov-08Rev Charles RedwinUS$25 US
21-Nov-08AnonymousUS$50 US
18-Nov-08Allen BilesUS$10 US
16-Nov-08AnonymousUS$50 US
16-Nov-08Jacques SaelmanCanada$50 US
04-Nov-08AnonymousJapan$50 US
09-Oct-08AnonymousUS$300 US
01-Sep-08Marilyn BurkeUS$5 US
14-Aug-08Lamar SamplesUS$10 US
09-Aug-08AnonymousUS$10 US/mo for 12 months
08-Aug-08AnonymousCanada$100 Cdn
06-Aug-08AnonymousUSrenewed commitment for another year of $40 US/mo
06-Aug-08AnonymousUS$20 US
01-Aug-08Lisa StollUSrenewed commitment for another year of $5 US/mo
31-Jul-08Lamar SamplesUS$10 US
29-Jul-08Marilyn BurkeUS$10 US
29-Jul-08AnonymousJapan5,000 JPY = $43.19 U.S.
28-Jul-08AnonymousUS$100 US
27-Jul-08Marilyn BurkeUS$5 US
27-Jul-08AnonymousUS$25 US
25-Jul-08AnonymousCanada$50 Cdn
03-Jul-08AnonymousUS$100 US
31-May-08Lamar SamplesUS$6 US
29-May-08Russ JohnsonUS$50 US
19-May-08AnonymousUS$75 US
04-Apr-08Dr. Richard TebbanoUS$60 US
09-Feb-08AnonymousUS$100 US
24-Jan-08Dean SpyropoulosUS$10 US/mo for 12 months
22-Jan-08AnonymousUS$30 US
31-Dec-07AnonymousUS$100 US
26-Dec-07Julie GossettUS$5 US/mo for 2 months
17-Dec-07AnonymousUS$300 US
12-Dec-07AnonymousCanada$50 Cdn
07-Dec-07Maryl LintonCanada$12.50 Cdn
02-Dec-07AnonymousUS$60 US
30-Nov-07Russ JohnsonUS$50 US
30-Nov-07AnonymousUS$100 US
30-Nov-07AnonymousUS$40 US
30-Nov-07DottyUS$20 US
30-Nov-07AnonymousNorway$50 US
29-Nov-07Trygve SkograndNorway$50 US
29-Nov-07AnonymousUS$50 US
29-Nov-07AnonymousUS$50 US
28-Nov-07Ray VesterUS$50 US
28-Nov-07Lisa StollUS$60 US
07-Sep-07Andrew WerlingUS$30 US
04-Sep-07AnonymousUS$60 US
30-Aug-07Lisa StollUS$5 US/mo for 12 months
31-Jul-07AnonymousUS$10 US/mo for 12 months
11-Jul-07AnonymousUS$200 US
02-Jul-07Mike StrongCanadaRenewal of $10 US/mo for 12 months
12-May-07AnonymousUS$100 US
26-Feb-07R JohnsonUS$200 US
02-Feb-07Rev Allen Biles SrUS$10 US
07-Jan-07AnonymousUS$300 US
24-Dec-06BennyCanada$30 CAD
18-Dec-06Scott WillliamsonUS$30 US
12-Dec-06AnonymousUSIncreased from $20/mo to $40/mo
01-Dec-06Cassy FisherUS$60 US
23-Nov-06AnonymousJapanIncreased from $10/mo to $25/mo US
13-Aug-06Diane RigneyUS$50 US
03-Aug-06Mike StrongCanada$10 US/mo for 12 months
24-Jul-06Patricia DeBruceUS$5 US/mo for 12 months
02-Jul-06AnonymousUS$100 US
30-Jun-06Rev Bruce Lowe - in one cheque of $120 USUS$10/mo for 12 mo
29-Jun-06AnonymousNorway$50 US
25-Jun-06AnonymousUS$20 US/mo for 12 months
21-Jun-06AnonymousJapan$10 US/mo for 12 months
22-Jun-06Joanne NugentUS$100 US
21-Jun-06Jack GafflesAustralia$150 AUS
21-Jun-06AnonymousUS$50 US
May 16, 2006 AnonymousUS$300 US
May 9, 2006 AnonymousUS$200 US
Feb 18, 2006 AnonymousUS$50 US
Feb 14, 2006 AnonymousCanada$20 CAD
Feb 14, 2006 AnonymousUS$200 US
Feb 14, 2006 AnonymousUS$200 US
Jan 10, 2006 AnonymousUS$20 US