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1. Before Registering please add and to your Contacts / Address Book / White List / Safe Sender list to help prevent our emails from bouncing or going to your junk folder. 

We remove all bouncing emails to prevent being blacklisted so if you want other members to be able to contact you, you MUST “white list” us, and you must update your email address if it changes. 

Instructions are on the White List Christian Gays page if you need them.

Please don’t ever mark our emails as spam.  If/when you want to Unsubscribe from part(s) of the website, or completely Unsubscribe, easy instructions are in the Unsubscribe FAQ’s, or you can email with details of what you want to be unsubscribed from, and I will do it for you.

2. Please select your choice of Membership Level. When you click the button you will be taken to PayPal where a subscription will be created and your first payment processed.

(Note: Payments are made to MAP Enterprises so there is no indication of anything “gay”. We are very sensitive to those who are still closeted.)

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$5/ mo Standard Membership
This is our standard membership fee. If you can afford to pay it you will be helping a grassroots ministry. Your money goes toward the cost of the server, software applications, and our coders who make it all work.
$2/ mo Membership
If you can't afford the $5/mo Membership please choose this option.

If you find even $2/mo to be difficult please write to Mary and we will arrange a Complimentary Membership for you after you are registered for this one, OR, if you know of someone, either a current member or known member of the LGBT Community who will vouch for you, send an email to, and we will arrange a Complimentary Membership without the PayPal registration at all.
$25/ For Six Months Membership
Get six months for the price of five
$50/ yr Membership
Get 12 months for the price of 10.
$100 Lifetime Membership
Thank you for supporting this ministry. Your generous contribution will help pay for our server and will also go toward buying necessary software.