13. What Makes Us “Safe Senders” of Your Email

These are the things we do to be compliant with your Internet Service Providers (ISPs)

1. We sign all emails with a DKIM signature
2. We are DMARC compliant
3. rDNS is set up (not generic)
4. SPF records are set up
5. AOL Feedback Loop is set up
6. We are registered with Outlook JMRP (Junk Mail Reporting Program) and
7. SNDS (Smart Network Data Service Program)
8. The website uses SSL Multi-domain Certificates from Comodo
9. We are registered with Norton as a Safe Site
10. Our IP is static
11. Our sending domain and from address match - i.e. sending from or via mail.christiangays.com
12. Unsubscribe link is in all emails
13. Unsubscribe FAQ's is a main link, with complete instructions at https://christiangays.com/unsubscribe-faqs/