10. Tell Me About “Compliments”

Compliments are an easy way of connecting with people, especially if you're a little shy and don't quite know what to say.

They could be the way of saying "I'd like to get to know you" or you might just want to let someone know that a post they wrote really was meaningful to you.

How Do I Use Compliments?

1. Do a search for the member you want to send the compliment to

     a) by using the "Basic Member Search"  or "Advanced Member Search" box in the left column


     b) go to "Members" -> "List of Members".  Use the Search box top right corner of the page.

2.  Click on the link to bring up their profile.

3. Once you are in their profile you will see buttons to "Send Compliment" or "Private Message".

4. Click "Send Compliment" button.

5. The button will bring up different Compliment Types.















6. Select the radio button for the one that seems most appropriate.

7. Add a message in the box below, or not.

8. Click the "Send" button.

9. The member will receive a note telling them that someone has sent them a Compliment.

Note: If you would like to send a Compliment that isn't listed, send Mary an email and request that she add it.