09. Why Do We Have To Pay For A Membership? Why No Free Trial Period?

There are three reasons that this website costs money.

Reason 1

On the old Christian Gays Connections website I gave a 7 Day Free Trial Period. ¬†Unfortunately that encouraged many “less than desirables” to register with us. ¬†Many were spammers. ¬†A lot were frauds. ¬†Some were sexually explicit with their profile content and pictures. ¬†All of this led to many, many hours of work on my part to keep the website “clean”. ¬†

A PayPal Account assures us that the member is who they say they are, and by charging money, even as little as $2/mo, we will eliminate the frauds and scammers, and will get quality people who sincerely want to connect with our LGBTIQ Community.


Reason 2

I received a lot of comments that our old Connections site had a lot of “inactive profiles”. ¬†This is true. ¬†Some people registered and never came back, but I didn’t want to delete their profiles in case they wanted to come back some day. ¬†Some people changed their email addresses and didn’t update on the website. ¬†

By charging people monthly, the website will only have people who are truly interested.  Nobody is going to keep paying for something they are not using.


Reason 3

This website resides on a server.  Servers cost money, and the bigger the server, the more money.  By charging a minimum amount of money for memberships, it will help to offset the cost of the server and the software.

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