07. What Is The List Serve & How Do I Join?

The List Serve is a group of people who want to connect with each other by email. 

When you subscribe to Christian Gays you will automatically be a part of the List Serve.

You will receive emails from other members, and you can choose to read, delete or reply.

If you want to write to the group you will see the email address at the bottom of every letter.  Your email to that address will go to everyone in the group.

If you don’t want to deal with all the mail, you have two options.
Go to My Stuff -> Subscribe / Unsubscribe List Serve

  1.  Set your option to Daily Digest (one email a day with summary of all emails from that day)
  2.  Unsubscribe from the List Serve completely

If you need any help with either one, write to and I will do it for you.

Note:  If you were a member of Christian Gays before the List Serve was set up, please go to My Stuff -> List Serve - Subscribe / Unsubscribe to subscribe.