04. What does “Christian Standards” mean?

"Christian standards" mean that there is to be no blatant or titillating sexuality or immorality in your username, email address, profile, forum posts or chat conversations. 

Disregard of this rule will result in immediate removal of content and membership.

Do not mis-read this to think that we don't talk "sex" on this website.  We talk a lot about sex, especially in the Hot Topics Chat Room, but there are some rules.

Our "sex talk" is for the purpose of education and enlightenment, and finding out about ourselves and others.

No "gutter language" is allowed, body parts must be referred to by their anatomically correct name, and sex talk for the purpose of stimulation is not allowed.

It also means that we have respect for all.  We do not criticize other faiths, cultures or beliefs.  All are welcome here. 

Controversial issues make for great topics of discussion, and different perspectives offer opportunities to examine our own beliefs, and if they are still valid for us.  We want to promote learning and growing, especially in our spiritual lives.

People are always free to disagree with posts made by others, but they are not free to disrespect, in any way, the person who posted. 

The safest way to accomplish this, if you have a rebuttal, is to first acknowledge the person's point(s) to which you refer, and then preface your response with something like "On the other hand, I believe ...." 

This allows the person who originally posted to know that they have been heard, and they do not need to defend their position.  It also allows other opinions on the subject to be introduced respectfully.

We will never all have the same opinions.  Hallelujah!  That would be so boring!  We just need to make sure our conversations are Christ-like and not hurtful to anyone.