03. Can I Trust That The People On This Website Are Who They Say They Are?

I have been dealing with frauds and scammers for 16 years on our old websites, (see list of Fraud Names that I have stopped over the years), and in that time I have learned much.  

This new website has been set up with many precautions in place, based on my previous experience.

First, we charge a very small fee to belong to Christian Gays (minimum $2/mo). We only accept PayPal for a reason. PayPal verifies that the person is who they say they are by depositing money in their bank account to set up an account with them. Therefore every member has been subject to PayPal's vetting.  This is the main reason we charge the fee.

Next, we have security software working 24/7 in the background.

a)  It will automatically block a user's IP address if they try to login without first being registered with us.

b)  It will block a person's IP if they try to login with the wrong username or password after a few attempts.

c)  It will block a user's IP if they are not registered but use Forgot Password link.

d)  It blocks known spammers and frauds from even registering.

I am also notified of the IP address and country of every registration and login, so I know who is online and when.

We also have audio video chat.  If there is any question of a person's identity, you can always ask to see them "in person", and of course if you have any concerns at all about a member, please write to me and I will investigate immediately.

I believe, without reservation, that Christian Gays is the safest website on the internet for people to meet each other.