“Bible-Banging Homophobe” Goes Gay For A Year – And Stops Being Antigay

18 minutes: Follow Tim’s transformation and lessons learned from Bible-thumping homophobe to LGBT positive, by going gay for a year, in order to gain, what he refers to as “intentional empathy”.

*Gay AND Christian? YES! It IS Possible!

by Mary Pearson – a small (22 page) crash course in understanding how it is possible to be gay and Christian. Topics include: Some Essential Facts about the words homosexual, sodomy and Sodomite, What did Jesus say about homosexuality?, Perversion and Abomination, Same-sex love in the Bible, Bible translation challenges, and much more …

01 The Bible and Homosexuality Summary of “Clobber Verses”

by Anita Cadonau-Huseby – This is an overview of the Bible Verses that are often used against gays. The Bible was never intended for this purpose; to break the heart and soul of humanity, or to cause people to run in fear from the Christian faith and from those who were at one time their brothers and sisters in Christ. There’s another way and another message; the message of the Gospel and of grace.

02 Adam and Eve and Steve: Genesis 1 and 2

by Anita Cadonau-Huseby – All ancient religions and cultures developed creation stories including the Amorites, Canannites and Babylonians, all which predate the creation story found in Genesis 1-2. These ancient stories tell of how the world came into being, who their deities were and how their deities played a part in the forming of the world and in relating to humanity. The Israelites needed their own story to answer the basic questions of how did we get here and why are we here.

A New Family Is Created

Hello Momma Mary, I don’t know if you remember me, but I was a part of Christian Gays about five years ago when I lived in Kitchener, Ontario. Once upon a time in your chat room, I met Scott and Kelly. Scott and I have since adopted each other as brother and sister, and Kelly, … Read more…

A Prayer by Gail (“Aussiebard”)

God, bless this group with love and peace May joy and laughter never cease to lift us when we meet. If, at times, there’s passing tears Let there be friends and comfort here for the soul that longs to weep. Give us faith and courage to share Give us time for earnest thought and prayer … Read more…

A Wonderful Giggle!

Be a fundamentalist. Make sure FUN always comes before the MENTAL. Have a good laughsitive twice a day and that will insure regularhilarity. I know great earth changes have been predicted for the future, so if you’re looking to avoid earthquakes, my advice is simple. When you find a fault, just don’t dwell on it.

Adam Lambert – It Got Better

8 minutes: nice video

Advice From Dr. Laura Schlessinger

On her radio show recently, Dr. Laura Schlesinger said that, as an observant Orthodox Jew, homosexuality is an abomination according to Leviticus 18:22, and cannot be condoned under any circumstance. The following response is an open letter to Dr. Laura, author unknown. It’s funny, as well as informative:


Thanks so much for sending the DVD so promptly. We are used to waiting a few weeks for packages from America, so no probs there! 🙂 It is also time for me to say thank you for the ministry you have, as my partner and I have gotten so much from your website and emails. … Read more…