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All ancient religions and cultures developed creation stories including the Amorites, Canannites and Babylonians, all which predate the creation story found in Genesis 1-2. These ancient stories tell of how the world came into being, who their deities were and how their deities played a part in the forming of the world and in relating to humanity. The Israelites needed their own story to answer the basic questions of how did we get here and why are we here. Even more they needed to not only explain how the world came into being and their God's relationship with humanity but to explain God's unique and exclusive covenant with them, the people of Israel.

The creation story is used in opposition to gays and lesbians in several ways. According to the creation story (and we would be more accurate to say stories since there are two separate accounts given in these chapters) God created them Eve from Adam's side to be his helpmate, the woman being a complimentary to the man. Thus the argument goes that God made woman for man and man for woman and therefore same-sex relationships are in violation of this divine order.

The second argument is that God gave Adam and Eve clear direction that they were to "go forth and multiply" and because same-sex couples aren't able to procreate they are again unable to fulfill this divine directive.Please login to view this content. If you are not a member, please take the time to Join Us now.