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Gay Christian Music Websites

Art of Pop: For The Light of Love - An Inspirational Music Artist/Label

Art of Pop is a transgender, Christian artist, performing music in several genres, most of which is sacred/inspirational, some secular. She is currently making a shift into direct and assertive Christian ministry, with respect to her Pop profile "Alyras" as well as her Jazz profile "de Cygne."

Note from Mary: I LOVE her music!

colour bar - commentary and criticism about southern gospel music. The site's pseudonymous editor, Avery, regularly comments with insight, sensitivity, and candor about gay gospel performers and related issues of sexuality, identity, and Christianity in gospel music.

Note from Mary: This is an excellent site and well worth a visit!

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BALM Ministries - Marsha Stevens' Website. Everyone knows her as the "Mother of Contemporary Christian Music". She is also known as a ground-breaking, brave soul who first spoke out in song to our gay Christian community long before it was a safe thing to do. Her courage, demonstrated in her music, has changed the lives of so many of us for the better. I think she should be canonized. ;-)

Note from Mary: Marsha was tremendously instrumental in my reconciliation process and I will forever be grateful to her. Thank you Marsha!

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Bev Souliere is a great Christian singer/songwriter based in Ottawa and is a good friend of mine. She doesn't have any single CD's out yet but is the lead singer for Women of Wabano.

"The Women of Wabano sing songs that are celebratory, that are traditional and that honour women. Their album, Voices, seeks to send positive traditional messages for Aboriginal people. The album also helps raise funds to support children's programs offered by the Wabano Centre for Aboriginal Health in Ottawa, with all proceeds from the sale of the CD going toward funding those programs." (from Wind Speaker, Aug 1, 2007, Whiskeyjack, Teneil)

I was fortunate enough to date Bev for a while and at the "Girlz Like That" BBQ she sang my favourite song which I videotaped. It doesn't do her justice but it will give you an idea of what an incredible talent she is. Click here to see Bev singing impromptu.

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Burning Nopal - San Antonio, Texas gay recording artists Burning Nopal are an original band with a unique blend of styles including Alternative Rock, Electro Pop, Christian and Latin. Each member has 20+ years in the music business, is an accomplished musician and songwriter and brings a wealth of experience, skill and expertise to the table. The band is a trio made up of life partners Michael Newman and Tony Castanon (on guitar and bass respectively) and Eric Morris (keyboards). Each member shares lead vocal duties. The end result is an exciting fusion of sound that is hard and soft, old and new, sacred and secular.

colour bar - Christian is an amazing Spirit-filled, talented entertainer. His music has great energy and a deep faith which shines through.
I highly recommend his music and hope to carry it one day on this website.

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Dan Dyson Music - Dan Dyson is a gay gospel singer/musician in Nairobi, Kenya, who began his career in Uganda in 2001. He began as a back up singer for Rev. Father Musaala, who is a Pearl of Africa Music Award Winner in Gospel Music in Uganda.

Dan recorded seven albums with Father Musaala from 2001-2009 and released his first solo album in 2008, titled "Tumusinze" which means Let's Worship Him in Luganda, which is Daniel's native language.

Dan's vision is to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ, and the love of God through his music. He knows that people all over Africa and the world are suffering, and he wants to show love through his soulful music.

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Eric Morris - Inspired by 1970's keyboard aces Gary Wright, Dennis DeYoung, Keith Emerson, Manfred Mann and others, Eric began taking piano lessons at age 12. It wasn't long before he had his first synthesizer. In addition to being active in school music programs, Eric played in a series of garage bands and quickly graduated to working bands, eventually going on a multi-state tour with a club band at age 17. Now a veteran Rock keyboardist with 30+ years experience, he's an established solo artist and also a member of the Rock/Pop/Christian band Burning Nopal. Eric lives in San Antonio, Texas with his life partner Steve, and their English Bulldog Winston.

Note from Mary: Eric has been a faithful financial supporter of Christian Gays for several years. Thank you Eric!

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Gay Christian Singer - I am a gay Christian singer. I was a singer before everything else. When I was a baby my grandmother walked into my room and heard me singing in the crib. I could sing before I could talk, before I could flirt and before I could pray.

My whole life has been one extended song. I sing when I'm happy, when I'm sad, when I'm stressed and when my mind is a blank. After sex and before sex, when I'm at the dining room table and in class when doing a math problem. I'm always writing little songs, making up little choruses and verses about the most insignificant crap.

I always knew that God was there. The invisible presence that seemed incredible real - inescapable. In my heart is written Proverbs 4:23 - Above all else, guard your heart for it is the wellspring of life. Who wrote that on my insides and why? My dad is a lawyer - fairness has always been incredibly important. God is becoming more real as time passes. I'm dazzled by the love of Jesus - I want everyone to know and worship God.

I'm gay. By grade 10 I knew it was not going to change. I've only had one boyfriend - 19 years older, what an amazing person. We lasted 5 years before our relationship was killed in the great Armageddon of Gay vs Christian. The battle is over now, mostly Gay and Christian live peaceably but sometimes Fundamentalist stirs up dissension. Nobody wants me now. I think it's because I remind them of Jesus. Maybe it's because I'm a horrible flapping queen?! I'm praying for a partner. God will provide the companionship I need. My friends are great. I have a place in this world.

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Hymnancipation! - is a series of CD's by John Michael McCluney celebrating the great traditional hymns of the Christian faith. These instrumental improvisations for multiple synthesizers embrace each hymn tune with a musical style that has been described as refreshing, engaging, exhilarating, innovative, contemplative, faith-filled and joyful. The intention is to expose and explore the beauty of form and content in each exquisitely crafted tune, with a desire that these renditions will somehow enable yet another generation to be caught up in their enduring quality

These hymn tunes deserve to be liberated from the confines of the church sanctuary. Listen to them in your home. Take them with you in the car. Play them on jogging and bike trails. Use them for personal meditation. If you feel like dancing to them, THEN DANCE! Make them familiar friends; and they will enrich your personal life, as well as your worship life.

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Jason T. Ingram - singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, openly gay Christian artist, "ex-ex-gay" (survivor of religious programs to try to change one's orientation), mental health peer and advocate, LGBT activist.

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Jeanine Noyes is not gay, but she's a beautiful Spirit-filled Christian and the most versatile musician I know. She jumps easily from old standards like "The Tennessee Waltz", to 60's rock 'n roll, to blues, jazz, folk, country and classical. She's a fabulous singer/songwriter/instrumentalist/entertainer. Jeanine has been compared to Sarah MacLaughlan and Carly Simon.

Her roots are in Kingston but Toronto is now her home. If you get a chance to see this woman perform live, prepare yourself for a great evening of entertainment - and if Fegus Marsh is accompanying her, you're in for a double treat. Fergus plays, among other instruments, the Chapman Stick with incredible expertise. If you're not familiar with what a Chapman Stick is, read about it at Stick Enterprises. It's an amazing instument in the hands of an accomplished musician. Fergus has played with Bruce Cockburn for many years and more recently with Steve Bell.

Jeanine has just released a most unique Christmas CD. If you want to give a special present to someone, please buy one from her website.

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Jen Foster - Gay Songwriter Wins National Gospel Award

NASHVILLE, TN - The 10th Annual USA Songwriting Competition - a nationally recognized competition that showcases the work of songwriters from around the world - has awarded local out performer Jen Foster first prize in its gospel music category. This is the first time in the history of the competition that the award in the gospel music category has been given to an openly gay performer.

Foster won with the song "Amen" which is included on her upcoming album
"The Underdogs." Foster shares the 2005 awards with winners from as far away as Scotland, Serbia & Montenegro, Indonesia, and Australia.

This award is something of a vindication for Foster who went to a Catholic all-girl school and even served as the president of campus ministry for a time until her sexuality was discovered and she was asked to step down. Though she still identifies as a Christian, Foster still has issues with how the church treats homosexuals. "I try to separate God and Jesus from the followers, but that's still difficult," Foster commented in a recent interview with "O&AN." "The gospel award is very special to me, particularly because I am an out artist and I wanted to challenge stereotypes."

Foster describes "Amen" as a universal song because it is not focused on religion, which she feels can be divisive, but rather on spirituality. "I think there is a perception that gospel awards are reserved for bible-thumping Christians, and this certainly proves that this is not true," Foster elaborated. "In the end the beautiful thing about this is that my sexuality was no issue in this matter. 'Amen' won because it is a powerful song - plain and simple."

   - Out & About Newspaper, Jan 31, 2006

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Johnny & Rachael Stevens - are not gay, but John is the son of our beloved Marsha Stevens, so it is only appropriate that would promote their website.

Johnny grew up in Southern California traveling with his parents in the Christian folk group, Children of the Day. Johnny has written contemporary Christian music since the age of 12 and has published and recorded several of his songs.

Rachael was raised in Rhode Island and grew up singing in the Assembly of God church. Rachael spent four years studying ministry at Zion Bible Institute where she toured with different Drama and Music ministry groups.

Having hearts for worship, Rachael and Johnny feel a calling to serve the Lord through music ministry and evangelism. Their debut CD is now available from their website or at their concerts.

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Jules Morgan - is a gay singer songwriter and guitarist, from Peterborough England. In 1971, Jules' family emigrated to South Africa, where she learned to play guitar, and became influenced by the sounds of Cape Town. Jules returned to the UK in 1989.

Passionate about music, in 2005 Jules began writing her own songs. During this time she has written and composed numerous songs about the twists and turns of love and life and hopes that the messages within her songs will touch and influence people positively.

During the past ten years, Jules has played in local bands, sung solo at festivals such as Peterborough's City Roots, Grassroots and London's Wharfstock. Jules and her songs have been featured on local community radio Peterborough FM, and she has become well known on the Peterborough music scene for starting and hosting the popular Cherry Tree open mic night, providing a platform for local musicians.

Jules recorded her debut track Someday Sunday, with Nepenthe Studios in Northamptonshire in advance of an EP - due out later this year. A Christian - Jules' first CD was released to raise funds for her local church St Guthlacs of Market Deeping.

Watch Jules sing "A Love Song" written for her wife on their anniversary.

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Justin Ryan - is a product of the Marsha Stevens-Pino upBeat program, and has worked with many Gospel greats such as Dottie Rambo and Vestal Goodman, as well as Country Music stars such as Porter Wagoner and Lynn Anderson.

Justin is one of the featured artists on Songs of Praise from a Strange Land. Follow the link to listen to the CD.

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Kandis Glasgow - I write of joy. I sing of overcoming. I want the entire world to know that love abounds in ways and means that we cannot begin to imagine. I want YOU to know that you are loved! YOU are welcomed here and God's grace knows no bounds when it comes to YOU. YOU are a beloved creation of the King of Kings. There are no exceptions╩to Grace. We are all a part of the beautiful weaving of God's Glorious Tapestry.

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Marshall Grant Ministries - focus is on exhortation to evangelism, worship and GLBT affirmation. They use a variety of song styles (solo and duet), Readers Theater sketches and share personal testimony and experience to direct the audience to their intended focus for each piece. Carolyn Marshall's clear soprano voice and Pat Grant's comedic style offer a wonderfully unique worship experience!! They are both entertaining and spiritually uplifting.

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Michael Franklin - (Mic-kale). Singer, Songwriter, Musician. "Music is my passion, and my soul!"

For many years I have been involved in many different aspects of the ministry, and I have held various ministry offices since 1989, from Youth Minister, and Praise Director, to Associate Pastor, to Founding/Senior Pastor.

I am a firm believer that being a Christian should be about being real, and it should be fun, and not a burden. God is about Peace, Love and Joy!

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Neptune's Daughter - Roxy DelMonaco is a Southwest Florida, Christian lesbian, artist, poet, musician and photographer. This multi-talented woman is about to release her debut album Still Waters in the Spring of 2008. In the meantime, please check out her website to learn more about her and see some fabulous photography.

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RJN Music - Our goal is to enable our artists to achieve the highest quality production for minimum costs. RJN PRODUCTIONS works with artists in the beginning stages of their careers needing to record demos or first albums, as well as providing help with new projects for artists who have been established and are working on new material.

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Shawn Thomas Online - Shawn Thomas is a contemporary Christian singer/songwriter and worship leader whose ministry includes an outreach to the GLBT community. Shawn visits churches, groups, and events sharing the Grace message of God's Love, through concerts, workshops, and spoken message.

He received the 2008 Editor's Choice Award from for the single, "You Are Here Lord," and is a three-time Pride in the Arts Awards ( recipient and 10-time nominee. In 2009, his compilation CD, "Revisited Vol. 2," was named Album of the Year by the Voters' Choice Awards from the "Unashamed Faith Cafe" Radio Program.

Shawn and his partner, Brian, make their home in south Florida along with "the Pug-Dog-Almighty", Zoe'.

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Shawn Thomas Studios - is located in the West Palm Beach, Florida area and offers the most up-to-date recording technology available. All material is digitally recorded on computer using Pro Tools LE /Digi 002 complete audio/MIDI 48-track real-time mixing and effects hardware/software. This powerful integration of multi-track digital audio and MIDI sequencing allows the best quality in recording, mixing, editing, and mastering professional audio.

From basic demos, to fully orchestrated CD/albums - now you can record with someone you can trust, and who understands and supports your calling in music and/or to ministry.

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WNCCA Radio - is a ministry under First Day Broadcasting of New Covenant Church of Atlanta. We are a safe affirming place where the unconditional love of Jesus is shared via music and The Word for all Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning and Straight Affirming Christians. We are The Voice for Affirming Christians Everywhere!

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Note from Mary: The Google Ads at the top and bottom of these pages are supposed to reflect the content within the website, however they are selected by robots so may actually be contrary to beliefs and principles. does not necessarily endorse the Advertisers, although I'm sure some of them are very good.

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