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    So on Tuesday, I will be finishing up my 2nd week of work and it is just amazing! Panera Bread is more than what I expected it to be, not only are my boss’ (all men) awesome but so are my co-workers. Everyone is part of a family there and it means something to them, not just the normal “hey!” but like hanging out and stuff, unfortunately for this old fart, I don’t have that much of time to spare between work, finding a new school, in a lawsuit with my previous online school (scam) and so much going on. 

    So, this will mark 9 yrs single on Valentine’s Day and you know what? I don’t care because I am in this for me. I make my money, I support myself and best of all, I believe in myself and that right there tells a lot about who I am as a person, an independent person. So for those who are single and with someone, enjoy this Valentine’s Day! Much Love 🙂


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