Why The Christian Right is Wrong (Meyers)

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    I can not emphasize enough that thiis ought to be required reading in seminary as well as in any person interested in living Christianity as Christ-like.

    This is a powerfully-written book by a UCC pastor. It starts with the Christian view of war, and in particular the difference between the Gulf War and the Iraq war. One can see all kinds of seeds for the current US political decline in terms of discourse.

    Meyers chooses to quote scripture to back up some points but not others. For instance, with regard to the Ten Commandments, he quotes several parts of scripture, including passages on idols, but in arguing Christians do not support war or even FEAR, he generalizes and does not use either scripture or Christian scholarship beyond speaking of the way Christ treated people, turning the other cheek, and his association with people of various sects. He points out that Christ never advocated changing the political strcuture – he was willing to live and let live and much more interested in eternal life.

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