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    On April 12, it would be 2 weeks since I started the search for my birth mother. So on March 29th the search officially began and I was told it may take a while to actually find my birth mother. On April 6th, I received a call from my case worker telling me that my mother has been contacted and that things are going on a good path.

    I was also told that she gave me up to protect me because of domestic family violence within the family, especially during the 9 months I was in my mommies tum tum. Well, I also found out I have a half sister who lives in a different state and full brother who still lives here in Texas. Here is a bit of good news, 4 years ago my mother told my brother that she had a son and gave him up for adoption, since then my brother has been trying to find me.

    So, all the information form 2002 or the letters I wrote and my parents wrote and will be sent to her.

    This is all happening all so fast and all the emotions are rolled up into one big bubble!

    I will keep everyone updated and soon as I have more info, you can also come along with the journey at my new blog https://theadoptionjourney2018.wordpress.com

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