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    So it has been a while since I have posted anything or came to chat… basically to do anything with technology. I have gone through some bad stuff in the past few months from my cousin going into a psych ward to my sister going down the path of uncertainty. By the way, my cousin is out and she is doing way better, saw her a couple of weeks ago and it was just an amazing reunion.

    Now my sister on the other hand, and I hate saying this, but I thought I had my life back on track until all this happened and then she started to have an affair and now she doesn’t want anything to do with the kids. She has asked to move back into the house, and I did set a few rules, basically if she wants to come back, she will need to start therapy before she sets foot in this house. I do NOT condone affairs because it is nasty and just not worth the heartache in the end.

    Tomorrow (Wednesday) I am spending the day with my babies and will enjoy every minute of it. We will be going to Heritage Farms, which is a group of people who are the real religious ones like the Amish, and we will eat, play and enjoy what they have to offer us. My babies are my life, I have been to both births and have taken care of both when their parents wanted to go have fun. I basically raised them and now their parents want custody of them and I am over here like “I’ll adopt them!”

    AS for me, I have started therapy through an app/site called 7 Cups of Tea which is amazing! I have a better way of understanding my anger, stress and depression and I have started to smile more because I am actually happy. I have put my two weeks notice in at my current job while I have another job training me to be the head manager of the deli department, the manager who hired me is actually an ex-employee of my current company and she was a General Manager.

    My mother and father, last night both said to me… “We never thought our son would be the more stable one” and that meant a lot, which is saying a whole lot about my parents now. And friday, when I saw my aunt for her 65 birthday, she said “Matthew, I am so glad you are the good one of the kids, its crazy how amid of all this, you have kept your cool and know what to say”. My family is starting to realize that I am the calm one, the strong one, but at times the strong ones need a break.

    I am now preparing for my more, technical classes at school which are gonna be awesome! I am slowly getting my way back here, but I do ask that if you have my number, do not call at this time as I am still dealing with family issues and need time to deal with it. Also, emailing me is fine, because I can shoot a reply back as soon as I can.


    Matthew – aka Mattie

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