What Is The Truth About The Pro Life Movement?

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    What Is The Truth About The Pro Life Movement?


    Brother Lawrence Damien


    During this election cycle one of the themes we have heard from Trump and the GOP is they are the Pro Life Party. If you are a “Christian” you have to vote for Trump and the GOP as they are the party committed to overturning Roe versus Wade and ending abortion and saving millions of babies from being aborted each year. How true is that? Does the GOP really care about innocent babies being killed or is just good campaign rhetoric that they drag out at election time and then quickly forget about as soon as the election is over? Is it just something to use to rouse the troops, raise lots of money and make sure they vote Pro Life and GOP?

    Republicans have talked about ending abortion since the days of Ronald Reagan over 30 years ago. We have had three Pro Life Republican Presidents in that time (Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush) and both houses of congress have been controlled by the GOP for several of those years including currently. Surely they could have done something or at least made a valiant effort to try and do something. Yet the fact remains they have done zilch to try and end abortion in the United States. As a matter of fact they haven’t even made a serious effort to change the laws or add an amendment to the constitution which would outlaw abortion. All they do is talk and are nothing more than a big mouth yapping in the air. They allow abortions to happen as much as does the Democrats by doing nothing and allowing the practice to continue. So therefore they are as guilty as those they accuse and hypocritical in my opinion and pharisaical.


    Secondly to all those holding a Pro Life position assuming for the moment you could somehow overturn Roe versus Wade and legally end abortion in America then what? What happens to the millions of children that would then be born because their mothers have no other choice? Will they be unwanted, unloved, and become our next generation of druggies and pushers? Will they become the new gang bangers and trouble makers because no cared about them or gave them a real chance in life? Are you willing to provide for the child from the time of its birth up until the times it becomes an adult ready to take its place in the world? Will you pay for programs to help the mother provide and care for her child? This would include pre natal care, birth of the child then day care centers, food programs to make sure the child gets to eat every day, clothing and free public education so they can have good paying jobs to support themselves and their families? Are you ready to support programs that will allow the mother to go back to school so she can learn a trade that will enable her to support her child without government help? Are you willing to give her food stamps, rental assistance, and medical help so she can make it through until such time as she can find a job? When she finds a job will it be at a living wage that will allow her to take care of herself and family and get ahead or will she be left struggling barely getting by? What do you think can you do any of that?


    If recent events are any indications the answer is no as those are the very first programs that get cut back on when you want to cut spending and give tax breaks to the rich who don’t need them while playing Robin Hood in reverse as you take from the poor to give to the rich. Jesus teaches us to take care of the poor, the widows and the orphans. I have heard from many since and devout “Christians on the right” that we Liberals are terrible people who are unchristian and about to bring the judgment of God down upon America. However is that really true? In Matthew 25 Jesus says we will be judged by whether or not we fed the hungry, clothed the naked, gave water to the thirsty, provided shelter for the homeless, and visited those in prison as well as taking care of the poor, the widow and the orphan.  The Liberals are the ones coming up with programs to do all those things. We have programs to end poverty, hunger, bring back jobs, and make sure everyone has affordable health insurance and gets a decent education to prepare them for the world they will be entering. God in Genesis made protectors and caretakers of out planet earth. We have done a lousy job of it but we can change and fix things and again it’s the Liberals who have the programs, vision and willpower to make it happen by ending the pollution of our water, ground, air and work on fixing Climate Change which is indeed real. We also have many other ideas and programs to make America great not because she isn’t already but because she can be even greater than she is today. We realize we are strongest when we are united together working for a common cause. What do you offer anything close to that? If not why not and God is supposed to be pleased about you doing nothing? Please note Jesus says nothing about having to believe anything but in him. He also doesn’t tell to  go out and defend ourselves or demand our rights. The early Christians were simply living as Christ would have them too and winning their world be the example they set. Can we do the same?


    Finally you call yourselves Pro Life but you really aren’t.  Most of you would support the death penalty as well as going to war. Under the last “Pro Life” president he got us into two wars in Afghanistan and Iraq from which we are still trying to extricate ourselves from. In the decade or so that we have been there many lives have been lost including innocent civilians. May more have been wounded, maimed for life both physically as well as mentally including innocent women and children. On the other hand while we may support a woman’s right to choose and make decisions about her own body in consultation with her doctor, we are many of us anti war and against the death penalty. We need to become anti abortion, anti war, anti death penalty and any other type of killing and anything that would destroy us and then we can call ourselves truly Pro Life in all instances.


    In closing I know this is controversial and many may disagree with me which is fine. However if you are going to talk about ending abortion then do nothing to bring it about you are nothing but a big mouth blowing hot air spouting words you have no intention of acting on. I believe you are deceiving people into believing that if they believe you and give money to your cause something will happen to end abortion when you and I both know that is highly unlikely and come four years from now you will be hauling it back out again and once again making all the same claims that you are currently and have been making for the last three decades. Why not just shut your mouths as many of us are tired of hearing you and quit being hypocritical. Instead please reread especially the words of Jesus and see if you can do them?


    Comments always welcomed and I hope to hear back from some of you


    Brother Lawrence Damien


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