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    I am DJ and as a man who was married for 34 years and moderated a group of men out to their wives for a few years previously, I would like to welcome you to this group. What I found as moderator of the group Husbands Out to Wives, there are many differing reactions to men coming out to their wives. There are some who actually live with thir husbands boyfriend as a threesome while others divorce and still others have an agreement as to when and how the man meets other men or even those who stick too fidelity in the marriage while being out.

    I am here to talk and to share stories as you wish and I do hope we can be of help. One group I know who found being gay and married were pastors in more fundamentalist churches. I have two friends (Pennsylvania and Virginia) who are in that position – out to wives but not to their congregations.

    What is said in this forum with not be shared with others to the best of my ability.

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