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    Hey There You Awesome Person!

    Welcome to the Tech Talk Forum.  This is the first place you may come to find out about all the good stuff going on in technology, and how to have fun learning about computers!

    This group is about learning basic computers, how to use your browsers, upload pictures, etc.

    It is also for those who might want to discuss more advanced things like networking, phpMyAdmin, MySQL, servers and more.

    Matt is our “techie guy” and he will answer your questions.

    If you would like one on one personal detailed help, you can contact Matt through the following:

    AOL/AIM: ctumatt2018@aim.com
    Yahoo!: ctumatt2018@yahoo.com
    Google/GTalk: mattieboitx@gmail.com

    For a more personal touch, you can call him using Skype
    mparker82@outlook.com — Video will not be enabled at this time

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