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    Hello all……

    My name is John or Rev62, I am a 5’4″, 250lb bear with brown hair and eyes and a moustache and goatee.

    I am a pastor at a newly founded affirming church here in Dayton, OH.

    I have many varied likes, interests, hobbies which I partake in as often as I can or when not ministering.

    I am always attracted to anyone with a positive outlook on life and a firm foundation IN GOD.

    Having said that, I find myself attracted to no one particular “TYPE” OF MAN.

    if you think you may be the one or if you just want to conversate in general, drop me a line, I’m always up for some stimulating conversation.

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    I wanted to issue a welcome to anyone who considers themselves to be a bear or to those who like bears.

    Most people would not consider me a bear although I have some hair on the chest and have grown a beard and moustache a couple of times during my life. Before fully coming out I had a website in which I outlined the kind of man I was looking for – it included dark hair, hairy chest and legs, etc.

    A few months after coming out and moving to Toronto, my BF and I went over the list and laughed and laughed as he did not fit one of my descriptors at all. Unfortuately, he died suddenly and today my partner is Asians and hairless.

    Also two months after coming out and moving to Toronto, I attended the BEAR RUN in San Francisco. Interesting. Most the men actually were of no interest to me but the Bear culture was and is. I actually went back to the Bear Run a second time as I found it exciting.

    A group of about 10 of us found our posts on the Bears mailing list not appreciated since we were all married so we formed our own little mailing list. I have met all the men in that married bears mailing list, even the ones in Europe and all are great friends. Thus I am hoping here we might find community.

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