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    This is an article about the denomination to which I currently belong. To me, it is disturbing that someone who calls themselves atheist speaks out as if she represents the denomination as a whole, I understand what Greta Vosper is trying to say BUT it is my strongly held belief that theism is important as a foundation for everything else.

    Yes, I understand that the Bible is allegorical, written as scholars believe some 50 to 150 years after Christ died. It is important to understand then that the Gospels (including that of Thomas) lead us to an understanding of a oneness of The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit – a special understanding of how we are to pattern oursleves in action and in belief. I find it fascinating that despite differences in a number of human ways the Gospels leave a message of a loving, caring, healing God who wants to clear our thinking of greed and turn us toward a healing and accepting ministry. Stories like the Good Samaritan, the lady by the well, the prodigal son show an acceptance of differences as well as a foregiveness which transends ethnic, colour and other differences. There is a love for the poor. While it is more difficult to see that in the Old Testament, time and again, the Jews were shown foregiveness. The Jesus of the Gospels can be understood as a loving kind understanding and helpful individual and we are to pattern ourselves likewise.

    So many people praise Pope Francis for washing people’s feet, for slipping out of the Vatican and helping feed the poor. Why are we not doing that? It seems so God-like to do that

    I am mst anxious to hear forum member’s views on this topic.

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