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    Hi Everyone….

    For those who might be considering vacations to Florida, Daytona is still 98 percent intact and open for tourism business, despite pockets of heavy hurricane damage along the coast.  We did NOT lose many houses completely,  maybe a few dozen, but a significant number lost portions of roof, patio rooms, pool enclosures etc. Downing of fences was probably the most common type of damage.

    Within New Church Family, only one member had major damage. Jerry Corlis, who owns an apt house in Holly Hill, had a tree crash into his roof. The house is still livable, barely, but his tenants (a major source of his income) have fled. Our church, which sheltered about a dozen people, had no significant damage. One tree in our “back woods”  (behind our parking lot) blew over, but with no damage to our vehicles.  Our building is about 10 miles from the ocean so we were in a relatively safe zone.

    We are concentrating on helping some of our elderly members clear debris. We also are circulating latest bulletins about Red Cross, Salvation Army, United Way, FEMA and other agencies pitching in with relief.  \

    Some of the heavier damage was caused by beach erosion north of Daytona. Several houses on State Route A1A are teetering on the edge of hollowed out dunes, and the highway itself is barricaded and impassible in some sections.

    Our Biketoberfest event last weekend was poorly attended. That will hurt many bars and restaurants. Orlando Pride, which had been scheduled to the weekend of the hurricane, has been pushed back to Nov. 11. Volusia Pride will take place as scheduled, this Sat., Oct. 23, from 1-5 p.m. at Old Fort Park, New Smyrna Beach.




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