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    UPDATE ON 100+ GAY METHODIST CLERGY who did a mass outing of themselves in May 2016

    (Tom notes: I found this state,emt on the Reconciling Ministries Network. It apparently was issued a day after the Methodist General Conference voted to form a Study Commission to handle the gay issue and report back by 2020, or sooner.)


    As many of you know, the Bishops submitted a proposal entitled “An Offering for a Way Forward.” In that proposal they recommended that the General Conference immediately defer all votes related to “human sexuality” legislation for this GC.

    This is a win because it prohibits any legislative action that would further harm LGBTQ people and threaten the cause of justice. The term “human sexuality” is the language used in the proposal. It is not the language any of us would have chosen. Nonetheless, we understand what the Bishops are addressing.

    Within that proposal, the Bishops called for creation of a special commission to handle the subject of human sexuality. Questions have been asked about the make-up and people are concerned about what that commission will look like. Will there be an imbalance of power? Bishop Ough confirmed at a press conference that queer voices will be represented on the commission.

    In addition, the commission’s work may last until the next GC, but if it completes its work before 2020, then they will call a special conference. As the commission is doing its work, the Bishops have promised to look for ways to avoid church trials and because this comes from the FULL council of bishops, that is an unprecedented commitment.   In the past, only a few bishops committed to avoiding church trials. Some people feel like this is nothing, that nothing was accomplished yesterday, that this is nothing but a delay tactic. We realize that many of our constituents are upset and angry. But the alternatives that were quickly shaping up on the floor of GC would have led to a disastrous ending.

    Therefore, we are hopeful about the prospects that this proposal offers. We also celebrate Judicial Council Decision 1318 handed down yesterday which confirms that a mandatory penalty during the “just resolution” process is, indeed, unconstitutional. This is a significant decision as we move forward together in Biblical Obedience, and prohibits a greater threat towards pastors who choose to be in ministry with all their parishioners equally.”

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    Tom, I have not read the link but you have given enough for me to be able to  add my two cents. These days I have been enjoying a higher lever of peace in my life than I do some of the times, but this topic with regard to churches, is one that always succeeds at getting me a little  fired up.

    I guess, for my own sanity  at least, I ought to try to stand in their  shoes a  while. – All community of faith (I believe) get started on  a degree of faith in God. As they grow larger and larger with more and more people joining and believing the same way basically; and as people of influence in the society become members; and more “deeds of good works” are being done; and people begin to depend on them for everything, from physical, to emotional to spiritual  needs, it is then  very difficult to “let any one down” so they continue their old path. Of course the agony that others are cast in because of such behavior is completely ignored.

    The UMC has been “studying” this subject for many years. The one and only conference of theirs I attended was in the late 90ties, they were “talking” then. It is my hope that they will begin to feed all their Sheep.

    Thank you for posting. Would like to know their outcome.


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    Hi Group…..

    Spotted a follow-up news item that says the United Methodists basically decided to study the gay issue for four more years. They voted to form a commission that will rewrite their Book of Discipline to reflect both Scripture and modern understanding of GLBT people. Militants on both sides of the issue were unhappy.



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    Had some trouble getting to the Social Forum and finding out how to create a new topic.  I think I have finally succeeded. Anyway, I wanted to pass along a news item about 111 GLBT clergy within the United Methodist denomination outing themselves, thereby risking discipline by denomination officials. Here is a link…. It will be interesting to see how it plays out at their General Conference, coming up in Portland…




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