Topic for August 28, 2016 is “What G-d do you believe in?”

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    Sounds like an excellent topic that could explode into many different directions.


    Tom in Daytona

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    Many people know the First Commandment given by G-d to Moses for those who had followed him out of bondage in Egypt.  It says “You shall worship no other god but ME.”  Who is ME to you and what other god might you be worshiping?  Do you go to a church that teaches you that G-d wants you to be rich or one that teaches what Jesus said “If you have two cloaks, give one to someone who has none.”  How does “religion” reflect what you believe in?  We have much to discuss including Brother Lawrence’s recent topic that G-d created the Atheist, Did G-d? or is being an Atheist the result of the creation being given the right of Free Will?  Were Gays created that way or did we choose to be that way possibly without even knowing that we did?  What do you believe, what do you think?  Come and discuss it.

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