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    So here is what’s been going on the past 3 months….. just in case y’all don’t get the listserver

    During September I lost my grandfather, I saw him hours before he passed away. I could tell that he was holding on for us to see him for the last time. At 3:03 AM on September 5th, my grandfather passes away. He was not only my grandfather (through adoption), he was also my best friend. During which time, my sister (adopted) from what I was told, never saw our grandfather nor has she seen our grandmother. 
    Well the eve of Halloween, I asked my three aunts (biological) if anything has happened to my mother and if they have heard anything from her. Well, I sent her a few messages on Facebook and she read them but never replied back, so I figured it was more on the phone service she had. Well, come to find out, she was removed from my Facebook, and I do not remember doing that and so I added her back… Long story short, she sent me a long message saying the following….

    ” No we haven’t msgd in awhile. Don’t know why you removed us!. Then you say in another msg,you just realized I wasn’t on your friends list. You mention trust issues. We all have trust issues. I feel my privacy in the letter,was violated and disrespectful to your mom and I. Then you go on a fbk posting spree. Then my family starts in on me. Everyone has an opinion. I don’t understand the gay life,but that doesn’t mean I dislike anybody!!. As for Tonda,she has gone through a MAJOR surgery. Her grandparents had surgeries same time. Her mom had both knees replaced with complications each time. Her parents are having it rough now. She lost her uncle in a boating accident. Then she had jury duty which she probably will never get over that. Tonda has been through alot plus! As for Ray, you say you want him in your life. You are going to have to work hard core on that…”TRUST ME”!!!. As for you and Kim getting along, that’s great. But honestly I perfer not to know more. I don’t understand why everyone has a problem with Ray and Tonda!!. No body visits. They need family too. I’m the only one in my family who visits and does things with them. I’m there for them just as they are for me. They been through a lot more than anybody knows. I would like to add this…. I’d appreciate it,if you would not discuss things with my family about Ray, Tonda or I. It always gets back to me and I ain’t no CHILD!! Just note…I’m not telling you that you can’t. I will let you know when I am ready for a visit. As I said my focus is on Ray and Tonda, regardless what others think or feel!!!… I am sorry to hear about your grandfather. Glad you have a good job. Glad to hear you are in school. We can still msg. Hope things going well for you and your family. Take care.”

    well this was my reply


    I could be a butt and write a lot of crappy things, but I’m not. All I’m gonna say is this, I didn’t search for my family just to hear that the focus is just on two people. A family isn’t just blood, it’s people you have close to you regardless of who they are. There is nothing really special about the gay life, it’s actually just like heterosexual life, it’s hard. As for people going through a lot, we have all been through crap. So, if your “focus” is on Ray and Tonda, then my focus is on Kim, as hard as that is to say, she’s the ONLY one of two siblings I have who has ACTUALLY kept in contact. You can message back if you want but I probably won’t read it. I do love you, and glad that I got to meet you…

    So needless to say, her focus is on my brother and lazy as heck sister-in-law. My brother wanted me in his life, but yet he removes me and blocks me from his Facebook, never have I done that to them… but at least me and my sister (biological/half) are in constant contact. 
    I also started a new job at Subway on October 18th, and not even a month of being there, they are wanting to train me to be a backup manager just in case things happen and they need me. Yes, that means more money and more hours. 
    So my sisters (adopted) mother is coming to stay with us Saturday night, which I don’t really like because I don’t know her, I don’t know what she is like or anything, and yet she is staying with us, and on my side of the house, which I wont have any privacy.
    And, me and Des (first ex) are still talking, and I still have the feelings for him, but I don’t think he has the same for me
    I had to change a few things on my reply to my mother because I used what some like to call “choice words”
    So that’s what’s been going on the pas three months
    Mattie (aka Kia Alexander, which would have been my REAL birth name)

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