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    You are always in my prayers Matt.  Let us know how things go.

    Luv ya,

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    It seems that I just come in here every so often, but there is a good reason to that. I am working on getting my life back together after a few things happened this year.

    I am working on getting my very own business up and running. It is a PC Repair business which is a basic one, ya know, fix freezing computers, software that isn’t running and much more. Things like replacing a hard drive that has crashed is a bit more on the advanced side but I can still do it since I have done that a few times in my lifetime (hehe).

    I am looking a different school that is actually certified and recognized by the US Department of Education and by a third party that is also recognized by the US Department of Education. Colorado Technical University is like the worst online school out there, they charge you Misc Fees that THEY cannot tell you about, which is a bit fishy to me.

    Well I started a job about 2 weeks ago and today, their training servers dies, and so it will be a while before they get the new ones in and I just cant wait that long, I gotta have something now, so thats where the small home business comes in 🙂

    That is about all thats going on, so prayers and thoughts are needed

    Matthew “Mattie”

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