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    Windows 10 is the newest or semi-new operating system built by Microsoft, the leader in Windows PC’s/Tablets and Phones. But I know that working with a new system is hard a bit frustrating. The video link takes you to YouTube, and if it doesn’t please let me know.  

    Windows 10 is a mix between Windows 7 and Windows 8 (apps). The difference between the two is this…

    Windows 7
    Introduction of a new Windows Aero or glass like frost on the taskbar (bottom of screen)

    Windows 7 Aero Design - Used with Permission from Microsoft
    Used with permission from Microsoft, Windows® operating system

    The speed of the system was increased with tweaks from the different hardware (physical objects) and software (digital information programs). 

    Windows 8

     The launch of apps just like those found on tablets and internet browsers
    Start screen was set as an app to allow the introduction of the app screen, where you can see all your programs. 


    Windows 10 – The Hybrid (hybrid is like combining apps with desktop)

    Desktop is back, apps are int he start menu (start menu: windows logo key)
    And lots and lots of coding and speed went into this system. 

    Here is a video for those running Windows 10, YouTube has a great selection of Windows of Beginners right here

    Windows 10 – The Basics

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