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    So most of you are probably thinking to yourself “click it or ticket”, right? Well, Click It means to click almost everything on your desktop.

    So let’s get to the basics first – The Desktop

    So, when Microsoft released Windows 3.1 there was a new thing called a “desktop”, this is what you see when you log into your computer. You see the taskbar (bottom of the screen) with the Windows Logo. 

    So when you click on an object, like a pinned app (the item that is set on the taskbar) you will be taken to that item, for example, you click on Internet Explorer and it opens the Application so you can travel through the world wide web – hence, www.

    So, when you are on your desktop, you will see an Icon that looks like a trash can, if you double click this, it will open and show you all the things you sent to the trash. Same thing for opening Microsoft Office, if you have the icons set on your desktop, say like Microsoft Word and you double click that icon, Word will open and you can start a letter, memo or whatever your heart desires! 

    The Following Links are for those who are more on the audio/visual way of learning. 

    Basic Computing Skills – about 46 min
    (Windows 7/8/8.1)

    Basic Skills – Windows 10 – Beginners


    Need More Help? I am here to answer any questions…. best way to get me is through email at – be sure to note that you are from

    I will try to create a blog on technology for beginners 

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