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    Cancel the “bots” thing.  We have gone back to an older version of chat which doesn’t have the feature.  The new version just had a terrible interface.  I think we are better off just sticking with the old one.

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    Hey Matt,

    Could you do something on Bots please.  The new Chat room can use Bots but I don’t understand them and I’m sure the others don’t either.  I have only added two.  One is for Weather and the other is for CNN News.

    I know you can ask what the weather is like in different cities and the bot will tell you but that’s the full extent of my knowledge.


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    Hey Yall!

    Tech Talk is being rebooted for the 2017 year. There are gonna be some new stuff coming and some stuff that will be totally fun!

    If you would like to join in on the fun, start posting in the Tech Talk forum and we will all go from there!

    you can also get a hold of me personally at: bsitmatt (at)

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