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    Thanks Mattie. I’ve been enjoying your tech feed. Very helpful and well explained. 🙂


    Ben aka Hermes

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    Thank you Mattie


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    Well all wish we had a cookie, especially me, a double chocolate chip cookie! But in the technology sense, a cookie is like a breadcrumb of the sites you have visited. They are mainly used to provide a unique experience for the client/customer. For example, when you signup for a product like AirBNB the site will lay a cookie (aka breadcrumb) on your system for easier and faster access to saved data. In some cases, these cookies can be controlled remotely to cause harm, but this is very rare. In addition to cookies, they are also used as tracking your site activity, for example, uses Cookies to provide the best online experience possible while also respecting your privacy. Cookies can be cleared out of your browser and the steps vary by browser. In order to provide the best experience possible, I have added links at the bottom of the post.

    But, what is a cache? Isn’t it like a cookie?
    Yes and No…. The 50/50 answer is because not all sites or browsers will allow cache, which will be a little difficult to deal with. Cache is a snapshot, for example, when you go on vacation and you take lots of photos, you are taking one cache at a time for a memory look up later. This can also be cleared by the browser and the steps also vary by browser and system.

    But what about my security software, can this cause issues?

    Yes, this is very possible. Not all security software is made equal and will cause different issues for different users. For example: You go to use your card that has a chip, which is a new way of protecting who you are, and provides a unique code each time it is used. Companies try everything, everyday to monitor and keep you protected, but there is that .01% that something goes wrong and your information is in the wrong hands. While having a security program keeping you safe on your computer, you still need to practice safe surfing online, in which I will be posting about that soon!


    Mozilla Firefox:

    Google Chrome:

    Apple Safari:

    Or, as an easier alternative, you can use CCleaner at: and download CCleaner

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