Silence as a true act of faith . . .

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    Silence is a true act of faith . . .
    Trusting silence is an act of faith. It is the combination of deep, quiet conviction, which can’t be prove to anyone — you have no need to prove it. The knowing is so simple and clear. Silence is both humble in itself and humbling to the recipient. Silence is often a momentary revelation of one`s deepest self, true self, and yet a self that one does not yet know. Spiritual knowing is from a God beyond you and a God that you do not yet fully know. The question is always the same: “How do you let them both operate as one—and trust them as yourself?” Compared to religion, that is precisely the meaning of faith, and why faith is still somewhat rare.

    I experience this act of faith daily in my contemplative prayer and meditation practice. It is not a ‘void’ but a ‘completeness’ in the presence of The Divine.

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