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    Mary Congrats!

    I¬†went from the Main CG to Chat without having to sign in again. That’s great. Also all the chat rooms were ¬†showing empty. I noticed Mattie was there somewhere,¬† but¬†he did not show up in any of the rooms. I guess one can be seen even if one is ¬†not in a room -is that correct?

    I checked today and found out that “Peter” has positions for website makers and maintainers. How cool is that!!! I on the other hand¬†might need a “rooster” to get me in. Perhaps however if I return to gardening/or woodworking, and do them well enough, I¬†might not¬†need the “rooster”

    After working today on the lawn in the 96 degree heat, I came in and literally died. Now I am awake and ready to entertain all who care to be.

    Does any one¬† know the purpose of that beautiful “Adam’s¬†apple” given to most men?

    Did you ever stop to think of this?¬† –¬†¬†Every thing in the Garden of Eden was made from the ” spoken Word” except¬†¬†“man”¬† WOW! See how special we are! We¬†were made by the hands of the Master Himself.

    God wanted the earth to be peopled, right? – “He said multiply and replenish the earth” – But do you know that if God did not pay us handsomely to do that; nobody, and I mean nobody would have had a single child!¬† Unpack that if you will.

    Most of our straight friends like to throw in our faces- Well! “God did not make Adam and Steve” To me that statement befits only our¬† (do nothing) Congress, you know? Educated but no commonsense let alone wisdom. God wanted the earth to be peopled; He wanted “children who are His inheritance” (Psalm). He made us, so He¬†knew that He did not put egg¬†producing ovaries¬†and a uterus in men, so why would¬†He¬†tell two men or women to multiply and¬†replenish?

    Have a good day. He loves you.




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