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    Mary Congrats!

    I went from the Main CG to Chat without having to sign in again. That’s great. Also all the chat rooms were  showing empty. I noticed Mattie was there somewhere,  but he did not show up in any of the rooms. I guess one can be seen even if one is  not in a room -is that correct?

    I checked today and found out that “Peter” has positions for website makers and maintainers. How cool is that!!! I on the other hand might need a “rooster” to get me in. Perhaps however if I return to gardening/or woodworking, and do them well enough, I might not need the “rooster”

    After working today on the lawn in the 96 degree heat, I came in and literally died. Now I am awake and ready to entertain all who care to be.

    Does any one  know the purpose of that beautiful “Adam’s apple” given to most men?

    Did you ever stop to think of this?  –  Every thing in the Garden of Eden was made from the ” spoken Word” except  “man”  WOW! See how special we are! We were made by the hands of the Master Himself.

    God wanted the earth to be peopled, right? – “He said multiply and replenish the earth” – But do you know that if God did not pay us handsomely to do that; nobody, and I mean nobody would have had a single child!  Unpack that if you will.

    Most of our straight friends like to throw in our faces- Well! “God did not make Adam and Steve” To me that statement befits only our  (do nothing) Congress, you know? Educated but no commonsense let alone wisdom. God wanted the earth to be peopled; He wanted “children who are His inheritance” (Psalm). He made us, so He knew that He did not put egg producing ovaries and a uterus in men, so why would He tell two men or women to multiply and replenish?

    Have a good day. He loves you.




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