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    Thank you, Dr DJ.  One of the beauties/curses of “retirement” and the Internet is that we have so many choices in how to structure each day and even each hour. I am not good at constructing or following “to-do” lists, yet feel badly when I fall behind in responding to e-mail, neglecting Bible study or failing to take time for prayer.  I am grateful for these daily snippets that help me get back on track.

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    Meditation for the Day


I fail not so much when tragedy happens as I did be fore the happening, by all the little things I might have done, but did not do. I must prepare for the future by doing the right thing at the right time now. If a thing should be done, I should deal with that thing today and get it righted with God before I allow myself to undertake any new duty. I should look upon myself as performing God’s errands and then coming back to Him to tell Him in quiet communion that the message has been delivered or the task done.

    Prayer for the Day


I pray that I may seek no credit for the results of what I do. I pray that I may leave the outcome of my actions to God.

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