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    In a world, that is becoming more and more devious and more sinister, we have to protect ourselves online. That means we need to protect our passwords, logins, credit card info and much more. This post will help you get the most out of everything you do online, including checking for updates for your computer.

    LastPass is a password management tool/program that is used to protect and store your passwords and logins securely. LastPass can be installed on any operating system and any browser you need. So what kind of steps can we take to securely make our passwords secure?

    1. When thinking of a password, do not use birthdays or anything that is important to you. Don’t Use: MP120582 this is basically my name and birthday. Use: RV8yxxrT9Nwd – when you use different patterns it will be harder for anyone to hack your account.

    2. Make sure you have the latest security updates and Internet Security programs that you can download for free and use. For example, Avira is a product made and published from Germany. They keep their products updated quite often to make sure you are secure.

    3.Use a program called Malwarebytes which is a free program that scans your system looking for programs that will cause major headaches. These programs can also help protect you when you download files and drive-by-downloads.

    4. Your Browser may not be secure, which is something a lot of people DO NOT want to hear, but as long as you keep your system and programs updated, you are in the clear. But if you have a system and/or programs that have been out of date, you may need to either upgrade or buy a new product.


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