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    Hi Dad and group….


    Replying to your “jilted Lover”  theory — there may be some evidence to support you. One guy has posted on social media that he had several hook-ups with Mateen….Also that Mateen liked Puerto Ricans, but had been upset that 2 Puerto Ricans had “used” him in a threesome, and exposed him to HIV.  I wonder if his autopsy will disclose HIV status. That could be a factor that could have set him off.  But there also have been other factoids that have emerged that indicate he was a fan of jihadists since boyhood, and at his school, cheered when news of 9-11 was announced.  He may not have been a member of any “cell” but in his mind identified with those fighting against imperialists, foreign occupiers, etc.

    There is continuing discussion of whether the Orlando police functioned effectively. Victim statements contradict some details of the police version of what happened. The police claim most of the gunfire occurred in the first 15 minutes of the encounter, but some of the victims say Mateen continued shooting 30-plus minutes into the standoff, while the SWAT team was outdoors taking cover, awaiting further orders.

    Eventually the Florida Dept. of Law Enforcement will issue its fact-finding report, and, I assume the FBI will do so also.  Whether the FBI report is shared with the public is uncertain.


    Tom in Daytona



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    Tom, I do not think that closet case quite describes the activities of a man who posted ads for dates, went on dates, and was to the club more than a few times.

    Listening to the one woman who was in a stall watching him when his gun jammed and he was trying to clear it just as the Swat team broke through the wall and killed him. Can you imagine how many more he could have killed?

    Myself, I think he was jilted by a lover and went in to find the lover and kill him, his going back through looking at the ones he had killed made it sound that way

    Dad Larry

    Jehovah Jirah, Lord of Life and Death, we pray for the families of all who were killed and we pray for all who were injured. Lord be with the medical staff as they work to save as many as they can. Praise YOU LORD. Amen

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    Hello CG members….

    As you can imagine, the gay community of Central Florida is still reeling in shock over the fatal shooting of 50 young GLBT people early Sunday at the Pulse nightclub in downtown Orlando. Although none of the victims were from the Daytona area, the non-stop news coverage has left in us the feeling that we knew them personally. Daytona will have a citywide prayer service on Tuesday, June 14 at  7 p.m. at Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church. New Church Family will be taking part. President Obama is scheduled to pay a visit to Orlando sometime on Thursday to meet with survivors and family members.

    Despite the intense news coverage, there are still many details about the shooter’s background and possible motive that have not yet been nailed down. The Orlando Sentinel reported today that Omar Mateen may have visited the club at least a dozen times prior to Sunday.  Was this just to “case the joint” or might he have been a closet case struggling with internalized homophobia?  Stay tuned.



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