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    During a Senior Moment, I forgot that I had announced a topic for July 3.  Since it was announced and since Tom of Daytona has announced it to his Church, it will go on as planned but I will be leaving after an hour to be able to watch the Fireworks in Iowa City before next weeks fireworks start over the topic.  So Yes, We will have Hot Topics an hour before Chat on Sunday Night.

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    Hi Dad Larry — I guess I missed something the past week or so….I thought “Canada, USA, UK…be they Great or not” was announced as a topic for July 3. I did post it on our Daytona church web site. If it has been cancelled, I will remove it.


    Tom in Daytona

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    I feel this topic should be in Theological Discussions rather than Hot Topics. It’s not a contemporary topic since it’s being battered about since 325 and almost 1700 years later we are still trying to figure out whether the Trinity is 3 Gods, 3-in-1  or . . . ?    and is this in conflict with the Jewish/Hebrew “Sh’ma Yisrael” or the Islam version called “Shahada“.

    And, where does that leave other faith traditions that have poly-gods, or none at all? Are they to be discredited based on our Abrahamic-sourced faith traditions?


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    ON July 10th we will discuss “How Many gods Do YOU worship?”  In many worship songs we name various aspects of Jehovah but in the Creeds, it almost sounds like we worship three gods, God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Ghost.  The Jewish religion from which we came worship “Hear Oh Israel, the Lord, our God, is One God”  Come and discuss your views July 10.

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