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    God is indeed a friend;  and for many of us, especially as we get older, and most our peers  hare gone ahead; we discover He is the only Friend we have.

    Sad that for many of us, we have spent our lives looking for the ideal friend, when all along Jesus had been there waiting with open arms to be our Friend. Happy and blessed are those who have found Him and learn to have fellowship with Him on a regular basis.

    Thanks for keeping up the good work of posting these devotions. Your labour of love will never go unnoticed by the Creator.


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    Meditation for the Day


What is sometimes called by religion, as conversion is often only the discovery of God as a friend in need. What is sometimes called religion is often only the experiencing of the help and strength of God’s power in our lives. What is sometimes called holiness is often only the invitation of God to be our Friend. As God becomes your friend, you become a friend to others. We experience true human friendship and from this experience we can imagine what kind of a Great Friend God can be. We believe Him to be a tireless, selfless, all conquering, miracle-working Friend. We can reach out to the Great Friend and figuratively take His hand in ours. 

    Prayer for the Day


I pray that I may think of God as a Great Friend in need. I pray that I may go along with Him.

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