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    Oh dear John, I’m so very, very happy for you.  Indeed this was the best birthday present you could ever receive.  There is nothing like family!

    God bless,

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    Dear family,

    Just wanted to let everyone know the best news I could have received
    for my birthday. As some of you may know I am a adopted child. My
    biological father and mother were married about a year when they
    divorced. My step father legally adopted me. Meanwhile my biological
    father remarried and had six daughters none of whom I have ever meant.
    For many years their mother forbade them to have any contact with me
    or I them. A bout a year ago I discovered that my step mother has
    passed away and I knew my father was dead. So I started doing some
    research to try and find my sisters and see if they would want to have
    any contact with me. I heard nothing back so had assumed they were not
    interested in having anything to do with me.

    Then today I went on Facebook and there was a message from a Linda
    Tilbe who is my biological father’s oldest daughter by his second wife
    wanting to talk with me and have contact with me. Says she had tried
    to find my Facebook page but couldn’t find it so got a hold of me on
    messenger on yahoo. To say I am ecstatic would be an understatement. I
    have prayed for this day for many years and had thought it would never
    happen and now it has. Very cool. Please pray for me and Linda in your
    prayers as we begin this new adventure or at least I pray it will be

    Brother Lawrence Damien Cos

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