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    Dear family


    Happy fourth to all. As we celebrate our independence as a nation let us also declare our independence from the world and its thinking. May we instead today declare ourselves dependent on God and commit anew to his vision of world peace for all.


    Brother Lawrence Damien Cos (Aka John Brown)


    Mine Eyes Have Seen
    Brother Lawrence Damien Cos
    Mine eyes have seen the glory of God’s coming reign of peace,
    He is calling all the nations to embrace a new dawn of peace,
    To lay down all their weapons and to live in unity,
    By raising up a banner for peace.
    I have seen many people embrace this dream of peace,
    Calling for an end to violence and for a new day to be
    Inviting all people to be a part of God’s inclusive family,
    Never choosing war, but only victory and peace.
    God is sending forth His message and will never call retreat
    Calling  for all Christians to embrace and love unconditionally,
    To  go forth together  and proclaim the year of jubilee,
    The chains are  now broken and prisoners set free
    Many years ago Christ was born across the sea
    With a power within Him  that can transform you and me
    Let us now in that power go and set our world free
    Transforming it bringing God’s eternal reign of peace.

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