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    We saw the new gay affirming movie out called “Love, Simon” with Jennifer Garner last week  and it was excellent! Here is the review I wrote on it for my facebook friends on both sides of this issue: 

    “This movie portrayed so much of what we went through with our youngest son. We were so glad they finally showed a movie that did not stereotype all gays. I believe this movie showed what it is like for many families, like ours, when they discover a beloved family member has a same sex attraction. This is not an easy issue to deal with, but very complex. People like to make everything seem ‘black and white’, but it is not. We like to ‘fix’ things that are not the norm, like when my dad tried to make me right handed as a little girl. No matter how you view this issue, this is a great movie in understanding what a young gay person, like our son, and our family went through in his ‘coming out’. It did this with humor, sincerity, and honesty. I could deeply relate to the father and mother who knew the sweet boy they had raised.

    “Steven Covey’ who wrote 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” was often quoted with saying, “Seek first to Understand, and then to be Understood”. In Jesus day, the religious leaders, were the ones who condemned and criticized sinners first. They wanted to cast the first stone, but Jesus could see into the hearts of people. The Sadducee and Pharisees were who Jesus was angriest at. I truly hope people will go see this movie so they can have understanding and compassion for those who may be different. Even if we may disagree on this issue, I think we can all agree that ridicule, bullying, and cruelty do not belong in our society. Once you see into the heart of those you may deem as sinners (like a prostitute, stripper, adulteress, porn addict, etc), you can know how to love them as Jesus did.”

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