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    A survival guide for lesbian, gay and bisexual Christians, and their friends, families and churches, published in the UK by Canterbury Press, but available across the world! 

    We, Rachel & Sarah Hagger-Holt, are a lesbian couple and the authors of Living It Out

    We know that issues of sexual orientation often come to the fore for Christians.  How can LGB Christians manage family and church relationships?  How can Christian parents cope with a child comes out?  What about the Bible?  What if someone in your church group comes out?  Our new book, Living It Out, provides insights and ideas. 

    Living It Out is practical and positive and is based on the stories of more than 50 contributors ranging in age from 16 to nearly 80, gay and straight, from a wide range of churches, exploring issues such as coming out in a faith school, coming out to Christian parents (and being come out to!), church, love and marriage, and the Bible. According to one of our reviewers Veronica Zundel, Living It Out is “full of faith, honesty, compassion, and common sense. A must whether you’re gay or straight.” The Church Times described Living It Out as ‘a godsend.’ 

    From Amazon:

    This is an excellent book – well written without being academic, God-centered without being pious, and good-humoured without getting silly. Not bad for a serious book about a difficult and complex subject.

    If you are looking for theological answers about ‘the gay debate’, you won’t find them here – but if you want to hear from gay and lesbian Christians about how they experience God and the Church, and the dilemmas involved, you will learn much from it. Should you come out to your house group? Is celibacy a real option these days? How can a straight parent support their gay son or daughter? These and many other topics are dealt with in the light of the real experiences of 50 Christians from many denominations. [One of the really impressive things about this book is the simple fact of managing to include, on an equal basis, voices from the Salvation Army, the Roman Catholic church, Methodists, Baptists, Anglicans and more!]

    For readers on the evangelical side, this may be an uncomfortable read as it will challenge some more conservative ideas – but the honesty of the authors shines through, as does their dedication to God. For those who have given up on the Church in despair at not fitting in, read this and take hope. I don’t agree with everything in it, but I learned a lot.

    sarah [a straight baptist]

    Visit their website for lots of information about this book.

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