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    I will look up the institution BUT it is good news that they are related to Berkley. I have never heard of DECA but will check it out.

    My teaching in the US has been with Walden University which went 20 years before it got accreditation and was re-accredited while I was working for them. The other was Capella. Walden took so long because it was started by a couple who were not rich and so had to build up the financials I mentioned before. It was sold twice during the 1990s and now is owned by Laureate which runs many educational institutions (including some of the online programs for some HUGE worldwide Universities while the Universities onground remain government or private institutions the institutions controls the academics by having review committees monitor Laureate quality. Laureate operates its head office out of Amsterdam and has regional centers for the UK and USA.

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    Well, I have done the research on University of the People and they are nationally accredited by the DECA which is recognized by the DOE which is really good. It is totally up to the employer if they want to accept the degree the person holds. To be honest, places like the University of Phoenix (owned by the Apollo Group) and Colorado Technical University (owned by the Career Education Corp) in which I didn’t really do background and research on them because of the commercials I saw on TV.  But, after reviewing a lot of information from what I gathered, both Apollo Group and Career Education Corp have both been under fire since 2010 by the Department of Education for the issues of Loans and Pell Grants… University of the People is different as there is no cost to attend, only pay the test fees which seems right and the way it should be. On their board, they have a District Judge which makes me feel even better because that says a lot about the school. And I have looked him up and he is a great guy and is very honest. And they are in partnership with Berkely which is like a tech nerds dream… say like if I wanted to go for a Doctorate in Technology I could with Berkely because of the partnership and some teachers that are at UotP are from Berkely

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    Be careful with Accreditation.

    I have been involved in the US accrediattion system in North Central.

    University and Colleges in the US must be accredited in order to be able to get student loans from the various government programs. There are regional accreditation boards which require multiple submissions and visits by several independent academics to ensure the institution has both academic standards and the financial ability to graduate ALL students into the future set aside.

    There are start-up accrediting agencies that pretend their accreditation is recognized but are only so BY certain groups – not government for loans NOR other academic institutions if you wish to do further work or want employment. Some employers may not know the difference.

    I was involved in a visit from academics while at a residency in Bloomington Indidana and saw the quality of the questions asked.

    During my sabbatical in St Louis, I was managing a start-up University. We had 22 of the 25 submissions sent into the accrediting agency but as a start-up we had a problem getting the financial reserves. Here is the problem – non-accredited institutions do not find it easy to get their students recognized (I have done online teaching for three US institutions but all require that I have a degree from an accredited institution) and the students cannot get student loans so it is EXTREMELY difficult to get students that would allow you to build the financials.

    I would STRONGLY advise against enroling in a non-regionally accredited institution.

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    Wonderful news Matt! I’m so happy for you.

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    So recently I have had issues with Colorado Technical School when I left them and told them why I left. I kept getting calls and so on and made a complaint with taking money, not giving us a job placement help and the list just goes on. So my case was open on Jan 17th and yesterday they closed the case, not much help becuaseI am still getting the dang calls from them. So, since then I have been looking at an Online University in California who is in partnership with Berkely and The University of NYC which is great because this university is Tuition Free which means I am not in any obligation to pay the outrageous fees of up to $450 per credit hour. Instead, I pay the testing fees which, for my degree is about $4,060 – that is like  nearly 80% cheaper than the “Regionally Accredited” online colleges which are limited in their geography area for example: they can only give degrees in which they are accepted, Nationally Accredited means they are nationally accepted, ONLY if the employer or other type of job accepts the degree (which is really high in acceptance)

    So my first time at Univerity of the People will be in April and I am totally excited!

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