It’s Been a LONG Week!

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    Hey Nikita!

    That class just ended and I was hooked! I like Python but it’s just some of the things and codes, my brain gets really dumb on. But overall it’s really cool.

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    Man has it been a long week! The first part was okay, not as busy and then mid week hit and all heck broke loose! I mean, I was at work on my days off, scrambling to get homework done and still going back in to work on different things at work. It’s one of those weeks where you just want to crawl under the covers and not come out until vacation time (holiday for those overseas). Thankfully, I bought my last insurance last week so now I am fully covered from Dental, Vision and Health. So that is how my week has been… Looking at another online college, only for the degree plan… the one I am in right now, isn’t what I expected, there is more coding in this plan than other plans which makes me think that they are giving more coding classes to be a programmer, in which I am not… but oh well!

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