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    As we go through yet another period of daily headlines about domestic US terrorism, I just thought of another dream that influenced me. About a year after 9-11, I had a dream about the Statue of Liberty being blown up. It was vivid enough in my mind that I resolved to pay the landmark a visit even though I was living in Florida. So on my next trip north, I carved out time to drive from Albany down to NYC to see the statue for the first time ever. Got stuck in a big traffic jam in New Jersey, and didn’t arrive until 10 minutes before closing time. So I had to stay over in Elizabeth and catch the statue the next day, but enjoyed the experience, even with the bomb-sniffing dogs and the limited access at that time  (just a few feet up into the base, not to the head or torch.)

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    my book be around 70-92 pages but i have extra large print those whose don’t have good eyes or cannot read small print, i going keep book post  in this forum and everyone is welcome to buy the book 🙂
    i have notices on ebay show my book as different author, they are very wrong

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    Many of the short stories I have written have been based on those unforgettable dreams that stay with me until I make something out of them. Occasionally dream scenarios make their way into my poetry as well. My best writing comes from them. Maybe someday I will be brave enough to share them….

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    Hi Group…..

    Very seldom does a dream prompt me to do anything special when I wake up. But last week, I had a dream about my oldest sister Gloria passing away while delivering newspapers in her car. Glo is 84, and never was involved with newspapers. It disturbed me enough that I made a telephone call to her to check she was OK. She was fine.
    The next night I had a dream about my other elderly sister, Millie. In this dream she was young again and I was arranging a park where she could get married outdoors — to her first husband. (They divorced about 50 years ago). The park manager was quoting me a price of $400 for rental of a small area, and I was thinking it was exorbitant….Then I woke up.
    In our Mens Group in Daytona, we have talked from time to time about recurring dreams. One of mine is a scenario where I am running late to catch a plane or a cruise boat, but I am missing something — either the ticket or a passport. In another recurring dream, I am back in my early 20s, getting ready to graduate, but I have forgotten something vital — either to attend one of my classes, or to apply to graduate school.
    I interpret these stress dreams as likely throwbacks to my years in journalism, when I was always facing a deadline of some sort. I learned to cope with deadlines fairly well and was fairly well organized, but always had the frustration of knowing I could have produced a better article if I had another hour or day or week to do more research, make more phone calls, etc.

    Cheers…& sleep tight


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    This afternoon, I came across this book offered by Amazon by a Pastor

    Understanding the Dreams You Dream
    By Ira L. Milligan

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    I am always fascinated by people keeping track of dreams and finding meaning in them. That is because it is an extremely rare event for me to dream. I sleep very deeply for shorter periods than average – it is unusual for me to sleep more than six hours and I usually wake with a start. Most dream occur in that period when one is in light sleep just before waking.

    The one dream I remember vividly occurred in the summer of 1988. I dreamt I was remodeling my parent-in-law’s house including putting additions on it. Probably the reason it sticks in my mind so much is that a week later we got a call that my father-in-law was in the hospital and four months later he was dead. He had fallen and not sought medical help initially but my mother-in-law did not provide care and so he went long periods without getting out of bed with the ultimate result being kidney failure. When he first went to the hospital they worked on getting him well. Had he been in Detroit instead of Windsor, he would have probably had dialysis but was deemed too old to treat with that in Canada.

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    Hi Andrew….Thanks for alerting us to your two books. I also am interested in dreams, and I keep a dream journal — I don’t try to track every dream, but every 3 or 6 months, I jot down notes on a dream that has seemed especially vivid to me.  People interested in the possible religious significance of dreams might enjoy a book by John Sanford, “Dreams: God’s Forgotten Language.”  Anyone who has read Scripture diligently will recall many passages in which God is said to be giving a message or a prophecy through dreams.

    Andrew, you might speak to Mary about the possibility of setting up a Forum devoted to the Dreams topic. Could be fascinating….or am I dreaming?  Lol.



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    hi guys i want to share my book If Dreams Came True is a story very loosely based on a dream Andrew Simpson had when he was ill.

    In the dream, he thought he had been kidnapped and hidden away. When he woke in the dream, it was many years later, and everything was strange.

    There had been a war, and now there was a world government.

    He was in serious condition, but great advances had been made it the medical field, so he was able to be cured.

    Once he was able to get around, he searched for his family, found his grandmother, and learned that his father was living on the moon.

    He and Grandma got together and decided to emigrate to the moon, where they settled down. Andsim became a doctor, grandma ran a crafts store and class, and all was going well.

    There were adventures on the moon, and new people in their lives, and interesting things happening, including a Loony Idol contest.

    Life was full and happy. But then new worlds were being opened and they wondered about another move.


    Product Details If Dreams Came True
    Paperback: 70 pages
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    ISBN-10: 1490557989
    ISBN-13: 978-1490557984
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    If Dreams Cames True X-Large
    Paperback: 92 pages
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    Product Dimensions: 0.2 x 8.4 x 10.8 inches
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