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    That’s exciting Matt!  I have always known that my maternal grandparents were from England.  They had very heavy accents, but I didn’t know until recently that my paternal grandparents were from Ireland and that I was born on my Aunt Mary’s birthday, which is why I am named after her and my Aunt Ann.  I never met either of them, but it’s interesting to find these things out.

    I’d love to do the DNA testing but it’s not in my budget.  😉

    So glad you and the new BF are doing well.  I’m happy for you.

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    At the age of 34, I finally got to see where my background roots started which is amazing and that the fact that my bloodline migrated to America is just amazing! I mean I am a full European at 99.2% which is AMAZING!

    Knowing the history of where my bloodline goes and have traveled and so on is just amazing and makes me want more history as to when did they immigrate over, who were my long lost ancestors and so on. This is a big journey that I have no problem traveling, even since I now have a boyfriend/other half… He is so special to me.

    Okay, so my boyfriend is like the best guy EVER! We haven’t fought, we haven’t done much of anything because we are waiting to see how this relationship develops. In other words, we are taking it slowly.

    Hope everyone has been good in my absence :p

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