I could write a book but I will stop with a few chapters.

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    First Chapter was growing up in Iowa, California, Washington, Oregon, California, Utah, Nevada, and Iowa again. Then I was six years old in School at Orient and molested by the school bus driver but he did not do anything so I found that boring.  It was more fun to watch the high school boys in the dressing room which was also the boys restroom.  But then Dad got tired of his dad telling him how to farm the old home place and for third grade, Dad rented a farm at Summerset #5, a one room school with outhouses, one for boys and one for girls.  We boys used ours as a “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours” which was interesting with 8 grades of boys not all in the same grade. The next year Dad and Mom bought a Farm at Lee #2 another one room school with outhouses for the rest of my third, fourth, fifth, and sixth grades.  That year my best friend died in a house fire and we were down to less than the minimum number of students to keep a one room school open, so I started riding the bus again and went to city school.

    Chapter two

    Seventh and Eighth grade were in the Old High School Building and we went to various rooms with our own class but since we were now over 50 students, they split the group into two so we had 2 Sevenths and 2 Eights.  I found some of the kids from  Summerset #5 and Lee #2 and we hung around together.  I also found some of the kids from the Lutheran Church I attended so I had lots of friends for a farm kid.

    Graduating to 9th Grade we got initiated which meant the boys wore dresses and the girls wore pants.  Back then girls usually wore dresses.  My first experience cross dressing and Mom took movies of my walking out of the house wiggling for the camera.  I did not wiggle as much coming home from the belt line we had after school before we got back on the buses to go back home.  I learned about photography, worked in the dark room (nice for interpersonal play too) and knew that I preferred boys to girls.

    Skipping a few chapters, AT The UNIVERSITY

    My last year at Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa, I lived in Married Student Housing with my Mother, who was also a student.  I had gotten a part-time job working in the Language Lab, putting on Tapes for students to listen to.  One night I asked a cute young man to pose for me.  He reported me to Campus Security and I was arrested for disorderly conduct.  Mother had to come down to the Ames City Jail and pay a $25 fine to get me out.  The next day I was called into the Dean’s Office and advised that I was being expelled on the grounds that I might be insane (being homosexual was a grounds for insanity back then).  I was told that in order to get back into the University and finish my degree, I had to be examined at the State Psychiatric Hospital and be examined.  Meanwhile, Mother and I had to move out of Married Student housing since she no longer had a child living with her since I was not allowed to remain on campus.

    Well, it was 1964 and my parents took me to Iowa City to the State Psychiatric Hospital for the tests.  At the end of the day, they told my parents that they did not believe I was insane, just naive and immature.  They believed that seeing a psychiatrist for six months would cure me.  So for the next six months I took the bus into Des Moines from Greenfield and visited the psychiatrist after which he approved for me to start back to college in 1965 and this time I graduated with a BS in English Education.  The Seminary would not accept me so I became a caseworker for the Iowa Department of Social Services.  More later on


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