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    Howdy Y’all! 

    Gee, Gotta love being country sometimes, hehe…. So this past week I was hired on the spot at Panera Bread in which I will be working Full-Time and doing everything from setting up for breakfast, Baristas and even Lunch. I am totally excited because of today, it was a “dry run” to see how well I could handle the rush of things, and I think I impressed them a lot!

    All my boss’ are male but they are not like the regular boss’ where they preach at you for your mistakes, they actually walk you through the right process, help you in any way possible and it’s just amazing, never had a job like this. 

    Also, I wanted to note that Tech Talk Forum will be returning Valentines Day Week, won’t know what day until that Monday or on Valentines Day. Tech Talk Chat is being worked on, on my side due to my early morning position but will try to make it easier for everyone, but if I cannot get Tech Talk Chat started, might go another direction like a blog or have it completely in the forum. 

    Don’t forget to check out the Tech Talk Forum from time to time especially with the latest on Yahoo being Hacked and how to change from Yahoo.com to other email providers. 

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