Hurricane Harvey and Weak on the Outside, Stronger on the Inside

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    So good to hear from you Matt. I’ve been watching new about the hurricane and wondering if you were affected.  So glad you are OK in all ways.

    We love you Matt!

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    I have gotten a lot of messages asking if I am okay… I am okay, Hurricane Harvey made landfall more than 300 miles from my location. The southern part of Texas is devistated by extreme flooding and power outtages.

    Now on to the other stuff….

    Today, I was broken up (again, for the 4th time) through text message from my ex claiming that no one loves me and everything like that. Before anyone starts to wonder if I am doing okay, I am doing wonderful. It is like a fresh breath of nice clean mountain air. I haven’t been happy for at least the last 4 months of this relationship. Things happen and you move on, sometimes moving on for others is hard and want to be negative towards you. That’s when you become the stronger person and take what they say and provev them wrong.

    I have so many people who care and love me, expecially my two little devils, my niece and nephew. They are my world and would do anything for them. Me and my friend Morgan, she has been the biggest supporter and told me just yesterday that he was using me. Today marks a new chapter in my life and new look on my future.

    I hope everyone is doing well and hope that the coming months are blessed for everyone!

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